Yummy Mummy in a Jiffy


Yummy Mummy in a Jiffy

Last year during the festive season I wrote for kids- Story of Diwali, how to celebrate it with kids but this time I wanted to take a detour and write something for all the mothers , whether   working or homemakers. Each works hard throughout the year, day after day and hardly finds time to brush up on her looks, exception being the days of festivals or other celebrations.  With our main festival – Diwali around the corner, mothers like me want to put our best foot forward when meeting and greeting friends and relatives during festivities.

With a desire to look every bit of fashionista this time I thought of going by the latest trends and picked few fashion magazines to get some ideas and tips to apply it on myself. Sadly, I realize that these magazines, glossy newspapers and TV channels are all dedicated to make you feel bad as all we can see or watch are the models flaunting their curves in the various ensemble and make-up which is not only unrealistic to wear but un-affordable too. I wonder why we don’t see any fashion designer designing attire for simple mothers like us or make-up experts doling out tips in simple terminology.  I know it’s too much to ask from them, so I suggest instead of going by the latest trends which are difficult to follow and expensive too, we should make our own style statement to   look bang-on in no time.

Now transforming into a glamorous diva is definitely not a day’s job and believe me we don’t want to be one, so here I am giving you some simple tips to get a sophisticated look with a touch of élan.

1) Don’t underestimate the power of kajal: Every fashionista swears by the right eye make-up. Though it’s very difficult to get a professional look when doing at home but a little kajal when teamed with shimmery eye-shadow is not only easy to apply but will up your style quotient too. You can experiment a bit by smudging the kajal at the tip of eye to give it a smoky look or else you can play them up a bit by using blue eyeliner which goes quite well with Indian skin tone. I achieved the following look of my eyes by applying L’Oreal kajal in black and eye-shadow in purple colour by Clinique.  The difference in both the eyes is quite visible.

Handy tip: various shades of purple – whether you use as eye-shadow or lipstick goes well with almost any colour of your outfit. But keep in mind not to put blue eye-shadow with blue outfit, same colour is a big no!

2) Flawless face:  Though they always talk about “inner beauty” but during festive season just leave this philosophy behind and for once focus on your face to get well-deserved adulation, after all “A Beautiful Face Is a Silent Commendation”. As my experience goes we mothers hardly find time to get facials done on regular basis and home-based face packs are too tedious to prepare and apply. On everyday basis we rely on just soap and water to clean our face but special occasion calls for special looks and to achieve that just follow this simple procedure- after cleaning your face with a good cleanser, apply a moisturizer and then use a good foundation to get even skin tone. Though I am not advertising for this product but on my friends recommendation I used Lakme foundation ( Face Magic daily wear soufflé in natural marble) which works fine for me  as along with  a good coverage , my acne –prone skin doesn’t break-out on its usage. In the picture below you can see the difference in my two arms.

Handy tip: smear a bit of lipstick, preferably pink in colour on your fingertips and using upward strokes apply on your cheekbones to highlight them.

3) Not to forget lips and hair:  Every female loves to paint her lips but to make them luscious enough define them with a lip-liner which should be a shade darker than the colour of your lipstick. Depending on your comfort level and personality try using tones of red, be it burgundy or wine red, on your lips and nails, especially during the evening party. During festival time it’s obvious that you either wear a saree or a suit, so hair styling should be done accordingly. While a low bun near the nape of your neck looks cool with sari, a braided ponytail on one side or simply pinning back the top section of hair on both sides looks fab with suits.

Handy tip: Women with really short hair can enhance their hair-do with decorative clips, bands or false hair. Alternatively adorn your hair with gajra secured with bobby pins.

This festival of light  as much as you enchant  everybody  with your ensemble and jewelry ,  do add a dash of glamour with the above given DIY tips and rest assured your are ready to turn heads with your exotic looks.