Your Name is Mumma



Dear Mumma-to-be,

                 Ah! It’s a woman’s world. Isn’t it so? And this world is so colourful and vibrant. Yes! You are a master juggler who is blessed with the multiple roles that change you from time to time. If life is all about change, then who experiences it better than a woman? I can see that smile and the definite nod you just gave me. So you agree with me…hmm…that’s nice. Now you are the incarnate of Eve so the Adam cannot be left behind. Ah! He just leaped to keep pace with you. But he admires you a lot because you are blessed to be a mom…he is the one who trips at your smile and falls head over heels in love with you…and not to forget the way he gets tangled up for life in the spell of beauty and such deep emotions that he doesn’t want to surface as he loves to drown.

Is there something that soaks up a woman? Yes! It’s motherhood that introduces you to a plethora of emotions and feelings that transform you completely as you love your baby unconditionally. It is like a state of total surrender where you smile and cuddle the little bundle even when your throat is parched, back stiff and life is in a spin.

From conception to birth of a child you are prepared for the new role by one and all. Yes! You are the centre of attention. But let’s agree with you that too much of everything is bad. Some encourage you, many scare you and yet others admonish you with a list of do’s and don’ts. Let’s give a smile to all the well wishers and follow what the beautiful nature has to tell us from within.

To begin with this nine month journey can be warm and mushy if you constantly nudge yourself with this thought that you have a life within you who will look like you and the man you love. Ah! Imagine nature’s creativity as it has chosen you to nurture a baby who would be a true copy of the father-to- be in some way or the other. Oh! How romantic!

Now that nature has chosen you to nurture the little bundle of joy, then rejoice in its creativity as a single cell grows up into a baby or biologically into a multi-cellular organism. Yes! The life within you will cross all stages of the human evolution i.e. from a single cell to the multi-cellular human form in just nine months. Wow! How magnanimous of nature or God to bless you with this role? Don’t you feel all powerful?

Just relax and it’s so easy to relax my dear….close your eyes and breathe in and slowly breathe out. This simple exercise calms your tense nerves and bring you into the ‘now.’ Feel your baby as you are mumma. Yes! Now everybody calls you mumma.  In fact the cutest part is that as the baby moves, rolls and shifts inside you, even you address yourself as ‘Mumma.’ Don’t you whisper, “Ah! Here she rolls…Oh! Baby please don’t trouble mumma?’ As if listening to you, the tiny soul calms down and gives you a break. But then she moves again and this time it’s like a tickle from inside and you gurgle with delight. Don’t you think the two of you communicate so well? Just be silent and listen to your tiny one as love knows no language. Ah! Listen as she sends you a silent message,

“My mummy is so pretty,

God said I’ll be safe in her kitty,

Her kitty is so much fun

I can swim, play and sleep as there is no sun,

I am fed to become big

She takes care so that I’m not sick

I love her too from my heart

I roll and tickle to tell her I’m well and such a sweet heart.”

Yes! dear mumma! Just smile, take care and exude warmth as the little was counselled by Almighty when He told her, “I can’t be present everywhere so I created mumma; she will love you, cherish you and never leave you. Your mumma is love.”

So bask in your good fortune as you await the tiny one who will gurgle at your voice, hold your strand, clutch your nose, caress you cheeks and smile even in sleep.


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