Why puzzles are important for child’s growth?


The World around them - Child’s brain development is influenced significantly when a child acts on or manipulates the world around him or her. Puzzles provide that opportunity.

Hand-Eye Coordination - When children flip, turn, remove, etc. pieces of the puzzle, they are learning the connection between their hands and their eyes.

Fine Motor Skills -  Puzzles provide the opportunity for children to develop fine motor skills which are necessary for handwriting

Gross Motor Skills - For babies and young children, gross motor skills can be enhanced with stacking blocks and other large, easily-manipulated puzzles.

Problem Solving - As a child looks at various pieces and figures out where they fit or don’t fit, he or she is developing this vital skill.

Shape Recognition - Puzzles can help little ones with this, since the pieces need to be recognized and sorted before they can be assembled.

Memory - Simple jigsaws and other types of puzzles may help enhance a child’s memory.

Setting Small Goals - As a child works on a puzzle, he or she will often develop a strategy to work the puzzle faster and more efficiently.

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