Why Mompreneurs should sell products online?

E-commerce is the way to go for Mompreneurs in India

Mompreneur Should Sell Online

“Mompreneur” is a new-age term for those enterprising mothers who balance the role of both mother and an entrepreneur with panache. If you are a knowledgeable and an ambitious lady who is not satisfied with the monotonous job of nine to five, and at the same time wants to follow your own passion without putting the family life at stake, then you definitely fit the bill.

According to a study, the share of female entrepreneurs in India is showing a healthy growth of 71 per cent per year. These women are driven by the need to discover their true identity either by creating something on their own at a small scale or running a big venture which gives them satisfaction, immense pleasure and the same time the liberty to remain with every developmental stage of their child.

Now the question arises how to channelize these business opportunities so as to attract more buyers. One such channel which is gaining popularity and whose power you can’t ignore is internet. E-commerce is a type of industry, if used judicially, can help you reap immense benefits by reaching out to people worldwide. According to data, India’s e-commerce market was worth about $2.5 billion in 2009 which went up to $14 billion in 2012 and is still growing. With such impressive figures, one can’t ignore the penetration of this market in our economy.

So what are the advantages of selling products online?

Firstly, by taking this route, a mompreneur is saving a lot, both time and money, which otherwise she would have to spend on setting a brick and mortar store.

Secondly, with internet accessibility reaching far and wide, it’s a great way to come out of your niche market and showcase your talent to a wider customer base, which means not only in your country but globally too.

Thirdly, selling online doesn’t require you to stock your products in abundance. You supply as and when the demand comes.

Last but not the least, a mompreneur’s work and home life can go hand in hand. She can get the best of both -the job satisfaction and the time to spend with her children, which is actually the whole idea of being a mompreneur. Isn’t it?

All we can say is that in present scenario, all thanks to the connectivity which internet provides the mompreneurs can definitely strive to make her dreams a reality by tapping the huge potential of e-commerce.

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