What to carry in a diaper bag?

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Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag should be stocked keeping in mind the age of child (a 2 year old would require lesser change of diapers than a year old), or for how long you are out of home. Here’s a list of few items which are essential to carry in diaper bag when you step out of the house:

  • As the name suggests, of course, you have to carry enough diapers to last through the day. The rule of thumb-one diaper for every 2 hours and some extras just in case.
  • Keep wet wipes handy. You should clean baby’s bottom before changing the diaper. Wipes can be used for cleaning your hands and baby’s face as well.
  • Always carry a diaper rash cream in case any poop-accident by baby goes unnoticed by you. Apply rash cream before you put new diaper as it’ll provide relief from itchy redness.
  • Its s a good idea to put small hand-sanitizers bottles. When you don’t have an access to wash-basin, always sanitize your hands after you change diaper and before you make milk bottle for the baby.
  • Put 1-2 empty plastic bags to put soiled diapers and clothes
  • Remember to put baby’s milk bottle, formula, sippy cup and water.
  • If the kid is old enough to eat, put some snacks, finger food for him to munch on.
  • Carry a thin blanket to cover the baby whenever he sleeps or it can be used as nursing cover. Otherwise put a separate nursing cover if there is enough space.
  •  Make a small medial kit. Put a thermometer, Band-Aids, fever medicine in it .You never know when your little one might need them.
  • To keep your baby entertained, keep some small toys, pacifier, teething ring etc. These are handy when you are waiting at doctor’s office or go for shopping.
  • Last but not the least, carry extra pair of change of clothes in case baby spit up.

The above given items should be restricted only to diaper bag. Don’t use them at home as you might forget to keep them back in the diaper bag.


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