What Gift to Buy for Newborn


Whether you are a parent, a friend or a relative, arrival of a new one is a joyous occasion and a way to celebrate it is to shower the baby with gifts. Here’s a list of top five gift ideas which are thoughtful, useful and beautiful.

  1. Adorable clothes: One can never go wrong with baby clothes as it is an essential item. It not only makes a lovely present but you can also add your own dimension to it. Mix and match a basic romper or a bodysuit with socks and a cap, soft soled shoes along with it will make a complete yet an inexpensive gift. Do remember to buy clothes a size up as babies quickly outgrow newborn size. Receiving blankets, swaddle cloth, or just to add a personal touch a hand-knitted shawl or a sweater, are other items that can be given.
  2. Toys: The safest (one might go wrong with clothes size) and well-appreciated, toys are the first gift choice that comes to mind. According to one’s budget, the range is immense; you can buy rattles, cuddly teddy bear, Baby Einstein CD’s for soothing music, soft and chewable teething rings. Although bouncers and activity mats are little pricey but they are well worth it; the mirrors, dangling toys, various noisemakers on them, provides not only comfort and entertainment but stimulate baby’s senses too. Books meant for babies also make an intelligent present.  
  3. Diapers and other toiletries: It may sound little silly, but trust me it’s one of the most useful gift which is used, like in tons. Nowadays, you can buy them as gift sets where diapers are molded in form of cake and other attractive designs. Brands like Johnson and Johnson’s offer toiletries like baby shampoo, soap, comb and other daily use products in appealing packaging.
  4. Baby Gears & furniture: Crib/cot, stroller/pram, a high chair for feeding, a car seat are all very practical and highly appreciated gifts by parents. It’s a great option and will be reasonable if a group of friends chip in to give it as gift.
  5. Jewellery: In India gifting jewellery is always acceptable. Earrings, anklets, amulets, necklace, a piece of gold or silver in form of coin or utensil also make special and unique gift.

One can also mix-n-match any of the above option with the other as per convenience and budget. You can go a step further by adding a personal touch to the gift by may be, knitting a piece of clothing or gifting a pendant with baby’s initial on it.Whatever the gift, it should show “you care”.


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