Meet Vanessa, Owner of My Little Pumpkin





Well I come from a town in Goa called Vasco da Gama and when I was expecting I realised that there was no store that could serve the needs of an expecting mother or a newborn baby in the entire town. Everyone travelled a good 30 kms plus to go to the next town to get what they want, I had to as well. So two Years ago I set up my store called My Little Pumpkin that would serve the needs of every pregnant woman and new mom. All because I had the toughest time when my beautiful baby girl was born.

During this time I also realised that it was difficult to get good formal dresses for girls, all that was available to us were some quite tacky clothes that ever other retailer housed too. So I decided to get into making beautiful dresses for our lovely babies of Vasco and I started this in December 2013. Hearing about my dresses people have started coming to my shop from other parts of Goa too and that brought me immense joy. To know that people appreciate my work and spread the news it something I could only have wished for. And it happened! Many people, especially my friends and family, have encouraged me to go online and make these dresses available to people across the country. And this is what I’m doing thanks to MyBabyCart. Its nice to know that there are people out there willing to help moms like me and help us succeed. A big thumbs up and a big thank you to MyBabyCart!

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