Valentines Day Gifts for New Moms


Motherhood changes everything, be it new moms or first time moms.

On being mother lot of changes a woman goes through emotionally and physically. To secure the sanity, always try to cherish the best moments with your partner and also accept help and offer support accordingly. This will make a parenting a bit easy for both new mum and new dad.

In this season of love, lets celebrate the Valentine’s alongwith new designated role called parenthood. As new parent one should not forget their better half and try to relive the love, and it will last forever. Following are few pointers for dads to make ‘the new mum’ feel special and loved on the Valentine’s Day..

1) Frame it

Be it a family photo, some treasure notes like first love message, coffee date bill, or first movie ticket, just frame it. Buy an attractive frame (Need not to be red) from any nearby stationery shop and frame the tickets, pics, bill as the keepsake and gift your wife aka new mom or mom to be. This will make her revisit the golden period of love you both cherished before parenthood happened. This beautiful keepsake can be hung on the bedroom wall or kept on the bedside table. This will reflect how much she as wife/love means to you than just being new mom or mom-to-be.

2) Pamper her

If your wife have just stepped into mother , mean mom-to-be then gift her a ‘Spa in a Basket’. For which she need not have to step out of her comfort zone. Just buy a beautiful basket inclusind few organic hand/body lotions, herbal tea bags, non-allergic scent, bath salts/gels, pair of flat slippers, head band and few delicious cookies. Tie it with cute red ribbon and a attach a comfy pillow. Ta-da! your Spa-In-Basket for Mom-To-Be is ready to pamper your wife.

Or may also book for her a special pre-natal massage at any accredited medical spa and help her to de-stress. She’ll thank you for it.. Trust me, she will feel the most loved valentine ever.

And if your wife is a new mom, then you can gift her few Spa Gift certificates. Along with it offer to baby sit your child, and meanwhile she can relax and get pampered at spa, with no worries of kid to be taken care for.

3) Sexy, yet Practical!

Gift her a fun tank tops and nursing top for breastfeeding moms. Or you can also buy nursing nighties that are comfy, yet romantic. There variety of bras available in market which can be converted to a nursing bra too. Pick the right one and gift her!

Add a little oomph on this Valentine’s with flirty maternity lingerie pieces which is not only super sexy, but is can be also converted into a nursing bra for after baby is born! If she is one of those mummas who love baby wearing , then gift her the latest baby wearer hich comfortable and bright in colour, which add style to her daily attire. Also there are stylish cloak and scarf and kangaroo tops are available in market, this will make her mothering little more easy and stylish too.

4) Gift her Organic!

Every women wants to look gorgeous, and always wanted to look more gorgeous on Valentines Day. As a nursing mom (or mom-to-be) your sweetie is going to be extra sensitive to chemicals and harsh ingredients. Gift her the range of Organic cosmetics which are non-toxic and no harm to baby. This will make her look more gorgeous along with pregnancy glow.

5) Sparkle it!

Yes, so much have been said and written about the very old ‘Girls best friend’. Yes now am talking about diamonds. You can never go wrong with Diamonds when it comes to gifting a women. With the new member being added to the budget plan, does not mean nothing can sparkle. You can always buy Swarovski instead of tiffany. Also in Indian market loads of beautiful imitation jewelry are available online and in shops too. Select a classy design and tag it with love. Am sure she’ll love your choice.

6) A day out!

Plan a day out with your wife, with baby/bump both. Hire a nanny for a day and enjoy a day long picnic with your loved one. If you really want your loved one to celebrate with no worries than make sure her lo is taken care by someone she trust most. If not then she will be not able to enjoy the moment and keep worrying about her lo. Book a nearby resort or luxury hotel spent an entire day with her while the lo is taken care by the care-taker/babysitter.

7) Date Night …

You need not have to step out of house to have an awesome Valentines’ date night. If your wife is a new mum, she might find it bit difficult to go out for a dinner date along with the baby tagging along. And also for breastfeeding moms it becomes difficult for leaving the baby with nanny at home and then enjoy valentines dinner.

So what can be done to make the valentines dinner date special yet with no worried attached. Watch your lo’s sleep schedule and plan a dinner date right in your house accordingly. Spread a white table cloth, with rose flowers at center and lit a scented candle. If you are hands on cook then you may cook few items for dinner or to play safe and avoid any disaster you can very order it from outside. Open a Fruit Champagne (non-alcoholic) and kick start your dinner date. If you have open space then you may have live barbeque grill too.

8) Mommy Meltdown

Mocktails for mumma, specially made for your loved wife by you. It’s a known fact that alcohol is a big no-no during pregnancy and for nursing moms. So it’s time for hubby to get creative. There are loads of tasty yet healthy mocktail recipes available for nursing moms and mom-to be on many online sites. Serve her the best tried and approved mocktail on the valentines. There is a Mommy Mixology book which can be great guide on how to make yummy mocktails during, and after, pregnancy.

9) Sweet Tooth

Chocolate, duh-huh! Chocolate is simply best not only as Valentines gift but also for new moms and moms-to-be. So before you pick up some typical cliche chocos like heart shape or some assorted chocos gift set, see to it that you do not forget to explore nutritive bars, flaxseed chocolates or lactation choco cookies. Chocolate has been proven to lower a woman’s risk of preeclampsia. So munch on the choco cookies, with no guilt attached!

10) Travel Date

For moms-to-be this is the best time to plan a ‘babymoon’ and for new moms a pleasant staycation. Take her out for one/two day trip, also keeping eye on budget. Plan a trip to a nearby town, explore different culture, food and pick up cool souvenir too. Just enjoy the We-Time together!

11) Support = Love

Yes you as a husband/partner is the pillar of her good emotional and physical health. You are her support system. Your timely time spent, your effortless support and Your unconditional love is the most precious gift you can give to a Valentines who is a new mom or stepping into motherhood.

Be her support system right from the morning sickness days with ever growing belly and in-between night time feeds to all awake during colicky nights.

I know a lot of new dads feel that romance, love and valentines would be last thing moms will have in their mind. But trust me all moms are anxiously waiting for some surprises to happen and wanting to relive the love. Yes they are super busy with diapering and nursing the baby but still wanted to be loved. So for all you dads out there, this is the best time to express your love to your wife, new mom and your valentine.

I hope the above mentioned Valentine’s gift suggestions might help you to pick the best one for your love. With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s time to spark the romance and remind your partner about how very beautiful she is and you are in madly love with her.


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