Parenting: Traveling Tips for Couples with Toddlers


Your bags are packed and you are all set for a much-needed trip that you’ve been planning for months. However, travelling is not going to be the same once your little one reaches toddlerhood. It’s easy travelling with babies as they tend to sleep through the rigors of travel and all you have to do is cater to their feeding, napping and changing needs. But, once your kid starts walking and talking, they can be quite a handful and travelling with them can be a bit like taking a herd of wild goats on vacation. Kids at this age can hardly sit still for a few minutes. But don’t worry you’re not alone, taking vacations with toddlers is a prospect that scares most parents.

Having said that, we are not suggesting that you wait till your kids grow up to take them on vacation. The trick is to be prepared! While we cannot guarantee you that, your little one will not have a meltdown, these tips are intended to make travelling with toddlers a tad bit easier:

1) If you are flying, make sure you show up early at the airport, ahead of time for your flight. Try to check-in early to avoid being stuck in long lines. Longer waiting times means crankier kids. Strap your little ones in a stroller, this way they will sit in one place and you can peacefully check-in without having to run behind them. Check with the airlines before hand about their policies regarding carrying strollers on the flight.

2) Try putting them to sleep the minute you are on the flight. Kids usually do not know how to clear their ears to lessen the pressure of the take off, and some kids even experience ear pain. To avoid any such situation, give them a toy and some warm milk in their favourite Sippy cup and put them to sleep. Remember to ask for ear plugs or carry cotton to block your kid’s ears.

3) When you are travelling with toddlers, it is advisable to take shorter trips. Keep the travel time short, ensure that it is no more than 2-3 hours.

 4) If you are driving to your destination, buckle your baby in to the car seat at the backside of your car. Take breaks whenever needed, this way the travel will be smooth and peaceful.

5) Keep them occupied. Make sure you pack all your kids favorite toys, video games and pacifier. This will keep your baby occupied and happy all through the trip.


6) Make a checklist for travel and be prepared for the climate. Dress them in climate friendly clothes, caps and shoes. A comfortable baby is a less cranky baby. Parents tend to wrap the baby in warm clothes the minute it gets a little cold, avoid doing this as it makes the kids uncomfortable and irritable.

7) Avoid feeding them sweets at all costs. Never, we mean never give your little one anything sweet while travelling, or you will have them bouncing off walls. A sugar rush is the last thing you’d want to deal with during the time of travel.

8) Unlike adults, kids dislike novelty while travelling. Make sure you carry their favourite blankie and other familiar stuff, which will keep them comfortable while sleeping.


9) Make their lunch box. Make some sandwiches, snacks and treats for the travel.

10) When you taking your little one along, make sure your toddler also has fun. Take them to the zoo or children’s park to cheer them up. Plan your holiday in a way that your kids don’t get bored.

Vacations with toddlers are definitely doable with a little preparation. You can actually have loads of fun with your kids while travelling if you keep these suggestions in mind. So, now that you know these tricks, start planning your next getaway to spend the summer vacation with your kids!


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