Top 5 Summer Activities for Kids

Summer Holidays

Summer is here! Whether we’re stay at home moms, working moms or mompreneurs, during summer we all moms have tough time to find new activity for our kids everyday.

The planning of summer activities goes like this; creating a summer bucket lists seems to be a popular thing these days among parents. Recent trend among the urban parents is to send their kids as well as toddlers to summer camp, I hereby advise them to ‘think beyond summer camp’ and spend some qualitative and quantitative time with their kids. Am not against the the summer camps but the time spent would frame the lifetime memories for kids to cherish childhood.

So lets take a look at some of the most popular summer activities for little monsters aka toddlers and grown up kids.


1) Water Play

Water play is the most popular summer activities amongst toddlers as well as grown up kids.

They would love splashing water in a pool or just have water fight with the waters pipes and sprinklers.  Also you can create a fishing pond, with water filled tub/bucket and some fish cutouts of plastic sheets (available in stationery shops) and give them hook sticks to pick fish out of the water. Toddlers would also love to play with foam water and splash on each other.

2) Get crafty

Get crafty this summer with your kids like if you have a toddler you may just buy some removable stickers and ask them to stick it in a flip book or a sheet of paper. For Grown ups you can create useful origami crafts and encourage their creativity. Make sure you use kids’ friendly scissors. With grown ups you can also make some best out of waste art like treasure box made from newspaper, flower vase from used plastic bottle and other forms of art for waste material. this will help them to learn the importance of recycle and upcycle.

3) Make a meal

Make a meal together, your little toddler may help you to mash potatoes and also squeeze tomatoes for puree. They can also peel peas and remove corns too. The grown up kids can very well be your little chef at your help in your kitchen. You may try kids’ friendly recipes and prepare an awesome meal. Trust me they enjoy cooking in kitchen, make sure the recipes involves no fire, no knife cooking. Here are few recipes which you can try at home with your kids too.

4)Blow bubbles

This is the most popular summer activities, even parents would enjoy . Make a soapy solutions with the help of Kids shampoo or body wash, and take a straw, tada your DIY home Bubble kit is ready. Once you start blowing the bubbles, trust me you would love the expressions on toddlers’ face and he will demand you to blow it non-stop. Whereas for grown ups you can just give them the bubble solution or just ask them to make one for them, and they’ll be blowing bubbles for non-stop. And they would be entertained and occupied for longer time.

5) Visit the City Attraction

Going for a stroll in a park or a visit to a amusement parks are the common activities, so this summer take your grown up kids to them to museum or national galleries. This will develop their interest in the art and history of the city.  For the toddlers you can take them to the nearby zoo or national park. A visit to a zoo would be enjoyed by both toddlers as well as grown ups too. Grown ups would love guide talk while safari whereas the toddlers are too young to even identify all animals. But am sure toddlers would be amused to see some familiar ones like elephant, monkey, tiger and so on. The little monsters won’t remember this experience for the life time but they’ll surely experience the momentary happiness. Grown ups can treasure things found during the trip like fallen leaves, rare flowers and trivia shared by the tour guide.

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