Tips to Manage Time for Mompreneurs / Working Moms

Time Management Tips for Working Moms

Super Mom – Manages Home, Kids & Work!

An effective time-management is difficult to obtain, especially for working mothers, and to ease out your stress we believe the following tips can help you strike a proper balance between work and home.

  1. Set your work according to your priority. Make a list of work which need your immediate attention, then the work which can wait for some time and lastly which can be done over the weekend when you have ample time
  2. Try simple multitasking work. For example, making a quick phone call to a friend or your mother while ironing or cutting vegetables while watching television. Similarly while waiting in doctor’s office or during traveling, utilize the time to connect with your child.
  3. Try to keep everything in an organized manner. Doing simple things like making  separate folders for each kid wherein  you put details about school, their worksheets , certificates or medical history; sticking important phone numbers or any information from school on refrigerator will come in  handy .
  4. Instead of doing all the work yourself, delegate some work to family members also. Whether it’s keeping their book-shell neat or putting away the toys or simple things like polishing their shoes and arranging the school bag, your child can do it. Likewise your spouse can do his bit for smooth functioning of household. For basic chores, keep a maid and if it means shelling some extra bucks, keep a full-time help who can also look after small children.
  5. Keep your official work separate from home work. If you are bringing it home, do it after your children go to bed. At office also don’t go overboard with work, take it easy and try to finish the day’s job without piling it up.
  6. Plan ahead. To avoid morning madness, decide at night what needs to be cooked the next day; your kid’s school uniform, shoes and bags should be laid neatly at night only. Do grocery shopping on weekends. Always stock food items like fruits, chips, biscuits, juice, yogurt etc. for kids at home.
  7. To save time and energy, instead of hard work do some smart work. Use technology; pay your bills online, right from grocery to clothes and baby products everything is available online. So shop for these on various sites.
  8. Remember, as you are not a superhuman, you can’t achieve perfection in everything. Even you have limitations, so don’t stress yourself. Also have some “me” time. Do meditation or light exercises. Keep yourself fit by eating healthy.

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