Parenting : Tips and Tricks By Mom to Build Strong Immunity in Babies!

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Yay!! Monsoon is here. Along with fun filled monsoon masti like making paper boats, enjoying the drizzle and flaunting colourful and raincoat, it also brings worries for mom regarding her child’s health and immunity towards seasonal change.

With my perspective, little bit of trial and error, doctors pointer and Ammas advice, I am putting down some points which has helped me to strengthen the immunity of my two year daughter during season change. She was a summer baby, born in the scorching sun of the May and with no time the rain started pouring. My baby and also I had to struggle with the seasonal days. Below are some tips and tricks applied during her early days and which further helped me and my daughter to enjoy the monsoon in happier way;

Parenting Tip 1 : Get the Vaccination on time

Irrespective to any season as a responsible parent we should not miss on any vaccination. Make sure you have your kids’ medical record with updates information on vacinnation schedule. Also to make it easier you can download some mobile apps (I am using iVaccine from google play) which makes it easy for me to store the information and reminders for the upcoming vaccination. And also it will helps me to keep my lo’s medical records handy while we are travelling with no hassle of carrying a huge files/reports.

Parenting Tip 2 : Take your Hands off

During seasonal change, especially during monsoon, we adults also get down with viral or bacterial infections. So to avoid such infection to baby, please ensure that you use sanitizer before you carry a baby or pick any stuff used by baby. Also give strict instructions to adults and all guests or visitors to hold baby only after using sanitizer. The easiest way for your baby to get sick is by catching the bug from an infected person around her. Illnesses can be passed on from one person to the next through mucus, most often by sneezing or coughing. If you are ill, the antibodies in your breastmilk will help keep your baby healthy. But she can be exposed to viruses and bacteria from others. If infected mucus remains on a toy at play school or on someone’s hands as they feed your baby for example, she can get sick. Bring your own toys or books when you take your baby to the doctor for her immunisations. Keep your baby away from crowded places as far as possible. If your baby goes to a creche or day care or play school, ask the supervising adult to discourage sick children from attending. At home look out for any mould build-up, especially in poorly ventilated and damp areas of your home. Make sure you regularly wash your lo’s bath toys, toys, mats and expose it to sunlight so that there is little or no trace of germs.

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Parenting Tip 3 : Breastfeed

Time and again it has been proved and said that opting for breastfeeding and staying up to date with your baby’s immunisations help to build your baby’s immune system. So besides being up-to-date with baby’s vaccines, also ensure that your lo is breastfed for atleast six months, and continue till you can breastfeed. This will help the baby to have strong immunity from the early days and will last for long.

Parenting Tip 4 : Dress for the weather

Make sure that you dress up your lo appropriate to the climate. It’s always a best deal to dress up you lo with layers, so that you can remove or add layers as per the climate changes outside. Putting on half sleeves t-shirt under the full sleeves helps a lot, when climate changes from cold to moderate warm. An appropriate dressing will help your lo to be comfortable throughout the day. For example if it’s windy outside, make sure you have put cap on your lo or a scarf , or if it’s cloudy make sure you have carried rain protector sheet/raincover for your lo. Even during travelling in ac coaches or flight, infants start crying out of cold, so layering is the best option.

Parenting Tip 5 : Bathe your baby safely

Your child is more prone to catch chill during bath-time or massage time. To prevent this keep the temperature in the bedroom and bathroom the same. Also choose the room that is most comfortable and do the bathing and massage there. This might mean you need to give your baby a bath in a tub in the bedroom for a few weeks. If you prefer not to get your bedroom floor wet, you can set up a safe changing table in the bathroom for massages. The key is to avoid exposing your baby to sudden temperature change. Just when you take your lo out of bathcroom , or tub , just make sure that the fan/ac/cooler in the changing room/bedroom is off. Also make sure that you thoroughly dry your lo’s hair and body and dress up before switching on the fan/ac/cooler. This will avoid baby to catch cold. Make sure there are no windy/cold air while you are massaging or bathing your baby. Select a time of day when your baby is least likely to feel cold and try to give her a bath then.

6) Give your baby a balanced diet

If your child is still lap infant you can give various healthy and yummy soups and finger foods. And if your child has already started solids make sure that she has well-balanced meals. A well-balanced diet apart from milk/breastmilk is a vital step towards raising a healthy child. It helps child to build strong immunity against all odds of climatic changes. A good diet can give her the vitamins and minerals she needs to help fight infections.

Despite your best efforts to protect your little one, your baby will get sick once in a while, this does not mean that you didn’t take any precautions at all. Falling sick is part of growing, but as responsible parents we can do are best to keep all illness away from our little ones. Here is a detail write up on how to build strong immunity, please read and send us your feedback. I hope my tips and tricks to keep child healthy during seasonal changes will help you enjoy your monsoon with your lo in healthy manner. Happy Parenting!!


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