Tips and tricks to be a ‘Stylish Mom’


Once you are a mom, you hardly have any time to take shower. You always end up taking quick shower, that to in anxiety thinking that your baby might have woken up. So who has time to even think about being a ‘Stylish mom’. But as I have promised in my earlier post, ‘Stay Stylish Moms!‘, below are few tips and tricks for moms to look always ‘Stylish’:

1) Know your Comfort

Yes! this is the most important part while you are shopping new outfits for yourself. You should be comfortable in what you wear, if not it will do no good to your image of fashion statement.

May be you look good while trying out at the trail room while standing still in front of mirror, but once you are wearing it and every now and then you are pulling top down, or checking the jeans fitting or checking if your inner-wear is peeping out or not. By doing so you’ll look more conscious and your confidence will lower down.

So to avoid such situation you should always try out the outfits before buying it. For tops always see to it you stretch your hands up-down, and for pants/trousers you should check the comfort by sitting up and down.

2) Know your Body type

Any outfit donned by shilpa shetty or kareena Kapoor in the latest Page3 event is not necessary that it will suit you too in same manner of fashion. Always pick the outfit keeping your ‘Body Type’ in your mind and also the occasion you are shopping for.

3) Flaunt your Accessories

An eye-catching accessories can make even a dull outfit to an attractive ones. And of-course you can go loud as per your taste and occasion. A stunning choker for neck will turn a to boring top/kurti a vibrant, finger rings, ear loops, beaded anklets, latest watch and neon belts makes their style statement very subtly yet noticeable. But please do not over do, use max one or two accessories only, overdoing it may make you look shabby than fashionable. Also if you are fond of hand bags, do not worry there are awesome stylish Diaper Bags are available in the market. Just pick the one suits your personality and also meets baby needs.

4) Revamp your wardrobe

Am not asking you to go out and buy new outfits, after delivery, your body is very unpredictable. And so I will not advise you invest something on branded clothes. But yes, yo may buy some style safe stuffs like Shrugs, cloak, scarfe, jackets.

Also you can replace your boring looking loose kurti/tops with elegant tunics, it works wonders. And do not throw away your chudidars or leggings (keep it, you’ll surely need them once you are back to your normal size), instead just buy 1 or 2 patialla, which you can use later too. Use your maternity jeans, if you are still of pregnancy size but you can add punk to it by wearing cool belts.

5) Step-in-Style

Yes I know since pregnancy we have done away with our high heels, stilettos, pumps and so on. But yes in flats and in sports shoes there is a wide range of options available. Select simple and low-heel sandles which is comfortable and fashionable too. You may also wear cool sneakers or canvas skimmers too.

There is a range of flats, low heels available in street market as well as the branded ones. But i would suggest to go for branded as you need sturdy and a reliable footwear to carry your lo, run around the house or going to the park.


There is no thumb rule for any age specific hair-styles. Pick the one which you can maintain well. Once in a week dedicate a day for hair oiling followed by a hair wash and finish it with a conditioner (as per your hair type). I know you won’t have much time, so what i generally do is i do not combine bathing and hair-wash together. I pamper my hair when Erishka sleeps, and so i get enough time. And if time permits you may do yourself good pedicure too :-)

7) Quick make-up fixes

You don’t have to spends hours in front of mirror and put hell lot of make-up to look gorgeous at your friends wedding or family function. But yes 15 mins of make-routine followed and you are done, looking dazzling too. By this age am sure your would have zeroed to what shade and colour suits you best. So play safe and wear what looks best on your face. Do not over do, a neat base of a all-in-one creame (which has SPF15, Concealer, which suits best to your skin like BB, CC) a good dollops of lip-gloss, neat eye-liner and a bright smile. Tada! you are done and looking gorgeous just in few mins.

I hope my tips to stay in style will help moms-to-be and new moms to keep up with baby as well as be stylish. My next post will be on significance of festivals for kids and fashion ideas for kids :-)


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