This Women’s Day : Leave Your Comfort Zone


We love our ‘comfort zone’ the most in life. Our priorities include home, children and varied responsibilities we cater to. Day in and day out we attend to the chores and build a comfort zone wherein all is not honky dory. It is just that we are resigned to doing innumerable jobs as a routine and we begin to just be in a zone where nothing changes. Any change is not welcomed and as women (individuals) we stagnate in our life. We wish to move on but stepping out from darkness to light is most difficult especially when we have befriended the darkness. We are scared of the light as it would mean change.

Comfort zone and excuses go hand in hand. We have excuses to ‘not perform’ as an individual on the stage of life. As women we may provide support system to many people but we forget to cater to our own selves. We are able to create time for so many but not our own selves. In this poor bargain we miss out on opportunities, good health and liveliness.  Slowly we resign and leave the reigns of life to allow happenings and people to take charge. NOPE! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This women’s day …leave your comfort zone to create a life for your individual self. I need to thank a friend who would call up from office  daily to remind me that I had two hours to revamp my life as my baby slept. I began to exercise and read again. Whoa! It felt good. Next I took another baby step to write again and later visited the office of a national daily with my one year old and got published.


“It’s a new day, it’s a new way and I fly up to the sun …” yes! Hum a great song to begin afresh. Just look around to see you have many people who still believe in you and support you, there are so many more who dote on you … just open up your heart to welcome great vibes from your well wishers.  Yes! Success begins when you realise you are happy at all times good or bad and still you feel the enthusiasm to do something you enjoy the most.


I wish to gift you the daily dose of energy, enthusiasm and endurance. Who wouldn’t wish for the treasure of 3 Es that hold the key to physical and mental health? Yoga is the answer and I strongly recommend it. Yoga equips me with a sense of well being no matter what happens. As a result I play the dual role of a writer cum home maker. Believe me I feel elated all day long.

Yes! Yoga gives me good health and a sound mind which help me to feel enthusiastic enough to embrace a day full of challenges with an unwavering smile and incredible energy levels.


I’ve created a silent space in my home and heart which is my retreat. Yes! It is very important to be in one’s own company for a while to unwind. I gift myself an early morning treat. I rise with the morning Sun; I make it a point to welcome its golden beams with open arms. Oh! What an experience it is as the divine hues reach out to bless me for the day. The cool and refreshing breeze greets me with freshness and I inhale deep within to slowly nudge my being out of deep slumber.

Imagine how fantastically I am charged and zestful to spread my positive vibrations. In addition I don’t gain negative vibes and remain consistently healthy.


I close my eyes and sit in a comfortable position to watch my breath. Slowly breathing in and out makes me feel warm and alive. I can hear the birds who breathe in the same air and the flowers that are so alive. I marvel at the power of breath every morning that tells me that I am blessed with the gift of life. My nerves feel rejuvenated and full of strength. Believe me it is so relaxing when my nerves don’t feel taut because of the varied challenges that just come and go.

Next I believe that a simple living helps a great deal. I still chat with my daughter for hours, I still narrate stories to her and we still go to parks for family picnics to savour the goodies each one has to offer. It is a great way to relax with family and friends.


All said and done I believe in the power of great thoughts. It’s not  poor destiny that shapes our lives. It is just the power of thoughts that can shape our present life situation. Think good and work hard to change your life the way you want. Always be in the now or the present moment and you will not go wrong in life. Yes! If I am writing right now then I am not thinking about anything else. This is how I find my expression. A poor day when my mind is cramped means no productivity. On such days I just try to unwind or snap out of my crazy mind with the help of music, Om chanting, looking after my plants, meditation or a book. I correct my thoughts and vibes with this conviction and faith that this too shall pass. And it does… Yes! this is the power of great thoughts.


You are magic. You are beautiful and so powerful…Yes! women are creators, magicians and dreamers. Create magic on the canvas of life and dream big to live life. If life is a film then be the heroine of your life. Yes!  This live wire attitude is what each one of us should have. The happy protagonist, who weaves charms, casts happy spells and makes her world so damn magical that it oozes with life and optimism. Success is to smile when life appears murkier than ever. Yes! smile is the curve that sets everything right.

We are all so real and so angelic. This means we are surrounded with angels who can be reached out when in distress.

Come on lovely women, be there for each other… Just rush to look at yourself … you are awesomeyou can turn the tables around…Just find your own sweet self …drop all inhibitionsdrop all pretensionsbe your beautiful selflook closely at your reflectiona soft, delicate and happy woman smiles back at you. This is you…now that you have found yourself …don’t lose your precious self. Yes! You are precious because you are now an empowered woman. But this women’s day just memorize that women empowerment calls for better women.

With this I wish to sign off. See you later … Love you gals … God bless you with great times and don’t forget Lady Luck looks exactly like you. Yes! love yourself to discover her within you. Have a Great International Women’s Day my lovely readers.


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