Parenting : The Cool Mom!


ing : Mumma and Baby
man/Director: Captain Adorable


Dear Mumma,
How does it feel to be a full time mom? Is this question out of syllabus? Okay! Okay! Honey…I got your woes, you belong to the age of facebook, WhatsApp and miniscule expressions such as ‘wassup!’ ‘lol’ and I asked you an essay type question. I was kidding. Just forget it! Once again I want to make you feel special… that’s all. Hmm! Let me think how?

So let’s make your film … let’s call it, ‘Cool Mom’ starring Mumma and Baby. Lights! Camera! Action … we’re rolling Mom … just being ‘Mom’ will do the trick and fetch you the critic’s choice award. I promise.
You don’t have dialogues but monologues and you need no script as you are so well versed with ‘Awe …my baby,’ ‘what happened…what makes you cry like that? ………..Oh! My darling angel…’
Ah! You just smiled … twisted that crazy ringlet and put it behind your ear, tried to get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and posed. You look so lovely, your glow is intact and those dark circles under your eyes make you look so vulnerable. Picture perfect!
You are the heroine but not the protagonist. Yes! Our little one is the protagonist who delivers her dialogues through cries, wails and shows some smiles and makes a bubble or two when asked to emote.
The baby is so small that we can call her Tiny. Yes! Tiny is soft, tender and so helpless in all ways. She needs your warmth every second. Her skin is so delicate …even a baby yawn … brings that blush.

Oh! Look at the way she moves her little limbs …very slowly… as if still in the small spaced womb. She cries in a muffled sound to begin with but you are all ears. Yes! Your natural strings tell you all about the little one’s wants. Slowly the baby realizes that she has become your roommate. Yes! She stretches a bit more, makes sounds that signal that she is not happy being alone on the bed. You pick her up tenderly and she knows how to snuggle and croon happily … hmm… mmm…. m.
Oh! My ! This movie is better than any mushy romance because we are operating with the two most natural beings that have eyes for just each other as they grow together as mumma and baby.

You move on to enter the second and then third month with Tiny and life is now more enjoyable. The cameraman who is none other than our very own Captain Adorable (Daddy) is learning to add some sound effects and changes. Oh! He’s is now like a director in the making. He even clicks to get some memorable stills. He looks cool with a cap and often twists and turns to get the best shot.
The movie picks up speed. Now monologues are replaced by noises as you enjoy being a mother to the little adorable devil whose antics are hilarious. Tiny is not that tiny. She is definitely naughty and showcases her nutty self. Her eyes show a notorious streak and she learns to turn her head to familiar voices and sounds.

Her favourite voice is that of her beautiful mumma. Wow! She turns her head fast, smiles and then feigns stress to attract attention. The little one wants to be picked up and be in mumma’s lap all the time. Next she wants mumma to make her laugh with the cluck sound…oh! how she gurgles with the continuous clucking sounds and even tries to imitate …muah… little monkey. This calls for a close shot from the cameraman who hops, jumps and makes sounds to capture the best scenes. Ah! What a hectic shoot it was! But none looks tired … they are all refreshed with their cute antics.
The baby surprises every day. One moment she tries to turn to her side and with little practice she simply learns to roll, turn again to fulfil her natural aim to land on her stomach. Amidst all this you also realise that she is able to hold her neck like a wobbly doll. And then the climax she looks at mumma intently …wobbles her head … extends her little arm… touches mumma’s face and says … “Aaaaaa” and smiles. Oh! God it’s a super special moment and papa forgets to click! Click! just stands there totally speechless and mumma sits like a smiling statue as the baby sings on and goes on to touch mumma’s lips.
Oh! What happened to Captain Adorable … he is busy playing too many roles… he is the cameraman, director and producer of Cool Mom. We scream and shout as the talented young man who has juggled the multiple roles so well joins for the final shot for the day. The trio says cheeeeeeese to the blinking camera that captures the coolest team. Three Cheers …Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray!



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