Meet Mompreneur Tanya & Dipti, Owner of Coco & Felix




Two sisters Tanya and Dipti started out as two aspirational individuals in their respective academic fields. While Tanya went to LSR to study statistics and then integrated it with a Management degree from IMT, Dipti studied Computer Science and combined it with Marketing Management from Michigan State. Both sisters went on to work for some of the largest multinationals like GE, HSBC and ANZ but it was their father’s 30 years of experience in the garment industry that kept pulling them both to create something special…something very special!

Tanya, joined her father and  was on her journey of self-discovery with clothes. Whereas Dipti moved from San Francisco to Melbourne. It was when Anya (Dipti’s daughter) came into the two sisters’ lives, they realized  the importance and meaning of comfort clothing both for kids & new parents. The timing was perfect for their dream to become reality and Coco & Felix was born. Harnessing product expertise they created  Coco & Felix with the aim to allow babies to grow each day and feel nurtured in this utmost comfortable and safe clothing. With absolutely no compromise on quality and Australian design inputs crafted the brand which is soon launching globally in other markets.

“Beautiful babies around the world like our and yours continue to inspire the brand Coco & Felix and we hope you enjoy dressing up your bubba as much as we enjoy creating them.” From Tanya & Dipti

Coco & Felix is a concept of cheerful, fun, comfortable clothing with  extra soft fabrics which adheres to international quality standards free from harmful chemicals. It is very early days for Coco & Felix, but they have started off well. Within a month they have had repeat buys from the same customers.

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