Suruchi Shah, Owner of Little Cuddle


   “I gave birth to a daughter and she gave birth to an entrepreneur.”

 -Suruchi Shah  


Taking you back in time

As an Engineer and IIM, Bangalore Alumnus, Suruchi Shah was well placed in the corporate sector with leading banks such as Standard Chartered, ABN AMRO and UBS, London.

For her, life appeared complete until her little princess, Inaya arrived. This was the redefining moment for her. Suruchi now wanted to invest all her time in bringing-up her little doll.

And then Little Cuddle was born

Like any mother, Suruchi made every effort to ensure that Inaya looked like a princess. She loved trying new things with her daughter’s curly hair, pinned them up with beautiful hairbands, clips and accessories.

But with time she found that baby accessory options in India, were limited. The stores just didn’t have what she wanted!

And that’s when Suruchi decided – ‘Time to dress up my baby, my way. Time for Little Cuddle’.

Little Cuddle Polka Beanie Baby Hat With Cute Flowers - Navy Blue

Cuteness Galore at Little Cuddle

Born from the innate love of a mother for her child, Little Cuddle is all about creating stylish moments for little girls and boys, between the age group of 0 and 10 years. Our online and offline stores, stock up accessories like hairbands, clips and pins, bows and ties, stockings,hats and loads of fun-stuff for little angels and brats. You would love our treasure chest! Jump in!

 “There is only one beautiful child in the world and every mother has it” -  Chinese Proverb

Come let us celebrate the beauty together !!!

Its a hobby turned business and really close to my heart.


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