Meet Mompreneur Suprabha Jha, Owner of Blue Orange Publications



I started writing rhymes for my elder son AVYAKT. My husband was my first customer. He used to sing them to our son. My second customer was my brother who sang those rhymes to my niece. They encouraged me to write more. My husband stood like stalwart and I finally came out of my shell of failure feeling.

Knowing nothing about Publication, I spent day and night in understanding publication, printing, writing, paper, designing, marketing and everything related. My aunt, a chairperson of very big education institution gave me GYAN PUSHP CHILD CARE PVT. LTD. and I gave birth to BLUE ORANGE PUBLICATIONS (A unit of Gyan Pushp Child Care).

My baby was my guide and gradually people started joining me and appreciating our work. I got a supportive and understanding printer then designer, artist, writers and journey was encouraging. When I was about to settle my office, my second baby came AVNEESH. This time during my resting phase I grew in online marketing and also created a baby record book – “MY LITTLE ONE”. My team supported me a lot. This was my gift to my younger son. He came in my arms and although I didn’t know how I will take complete physical and mental care of children with responsibilities at home and my progressive work, I just had one option — BELIEVE IN MYSELF. I can do it!  There were questions in many people’s eyes but I believed on the saying “THEY SAY I DREAM SO BIG, I SAY THEY THINK SO SMALL”

Blue Orange Publications is now 2 years old and is all set to grow.  We have 11 titles for age-groups 0 to 10 years. This year we are ready to add 10 more titles. We are now present Pan India. Our books reach to our little learners through Schools, Shops, and Online Websites. In this journey I am deeply thankful to Almighty, to my sons Avyakt and Avneesh, my husband Ashish and my mentor and aunt ‘Ms. Pushpa Sharma’


I hold B Tech (Comp Sc) Degree and started my career as a Lecturer & then as a Software Tester. I always felt that my quest to use creative side of mind was not being used. And then came a blessing in disguise, I was pregnant & felt that I will not be able to work with my little baby in my lap, so I quit the job. I read lot of books during my pregnancy, did distance learning MBA, introspected myself and decided that I wanted to build my career around books.  I love books especially knowledge or fact based ones.

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