Summer Drinks for Kids


As mentioned in my previous post i.e ‘Keep Cool This Summer’, I did emphasized that as a responsible parent we must see to it that our kids have adequate amount liquid to keep them hydrated. But it does take lot many efforts and tricks to make our little one drink water.

So here is the list of healthy, yummy and non-fizzy summer coolers (Shakes, smoothies, juices) for your toddlers and grown ups;


Fruity Sangria

Add few cups of chopped fruits (Apple, orange, melons, strawberry) to a jug of pomegranate juice. Keep it overnight into the fridge and let the fruits soak the juice overnight. The next day, you may add few drops of water and sugar syrup and serve it chill to your kids. Kids will love sipping this fruity concoction with juicy fruit chunks as a sweet surprise.


Peachy sip

This is a big hit not even amongst kids but also adults. Combine freshly squeezed peaches and a cup of orange juice. Then add pinch of grated ginger and few drops of lemon. Here is your seasonal non-fizzy mocktail ready.


Cucumber Punch

It’s an innovative cucumber refreshing drink. It’s a sweet, cool and refreshing for any sunny days. Just combine equal proportion of cucumber juice and white grapes juice with lots of ice. Then add a pre-prepared lemonade. Add a pinch of salt and black pepper. Tada, your cool and refreshing cucumber punch is ready.


Lemon mint twist

In a huge jug, add lime juice and brown sugar, and keep stirring it till sugar is dissolved. Then add few torn mint leaves, pour in some water and mix well. Put a lid on a jug, and refrigerate it for overnight. Then the next day, add 2-3 tbs of honey and serve it chilled to kids.


Fruit smoothies

It’s yet another healthy, fresh and easy summer cooler for your kids. Add any fresh fruit available in your kitchen like kiwi, raspberry, mangoes, papaya, peaches etc. Combine 2-3 fruits and blend it until all fruits are pureed. Add some fruit juice and ice and blend to desired consistency. Serve chilled to kids immediately.


Pina Colada Slush

First of all combine 1 cup chilled pineapple juice and 2 Tbsp fresh cream in a blender. Then with blender on, add frozen cubes of pineapple, fresh cream (I used Amul fresh cream), one by one. Keep blending it till it’s smooth in texture. Once you reach your desired consistency, serve immediately.


Icy Melon Mix

Just add few frozen cubes of watermelon, ice cubes and brown sugar into the blender. Blend it till you get desired consistency. If you want you may add little water too. Then pour it into a glass, add chopped watermelon pieces, and serve cool. It’s a big hit with kids. You may try same with musk melon and cantaloupe.


Tender coconut twist

If your lo loves drinking tender coconut water, then it’s awesome. Tender coconut water has natural coolant element which keeps your body well hydrated naturally. But if your lo is fussy about tender coconut water then you may add pinch of grated ginger and one slice of pinneapple crushed. This will bring refreshing twist to normal tender coconut water.


Try to include as much as curd in your kids’ diet during summer. My lo loves gujarati chaas, south indian spiced buttermilk, Jeera masala buttermilk and also Punjabi sweet rose flavour lassi. You may try all above for your little and include 2 glass of the buttermilk/lassi they enjoy the most.


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