Stay Stylish Moms!!


Yes! You have heard it right, in this season of festivals which has begun by ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’, followed by Navratri, Dusherra, Diwali, will end by the year end with the new year celebration. But do we mom need an occasion to dress up, or like me after being mom I just look for occasion so that I can dress up and ‘Feel Good’.

Yes for me and for many other moms being in style is not following fashion trends but to dress up in something good in which we feel comfortable and ‘Good’. I don’t believe in rules for dressing up, where lot many style magazines have criticised the women 30+ dons a sleeveless top or a got a hep hair-do. Like many even I get weird remarks from passing by moms saying, ‘Oh, you don;t look like a mom’. My reaction is , (Argh!) “So!”. Is is necessary for me to dress up boring just because I am a mom and in my 30s.

Gone are those days when “mom” tried to look young just by applying hair-dye/mehendi to her greys or trying to fit in their college jeans. Now the ‘urban mom’ is happy with her body, she loves herself and wears as per her comfort level with lots of confidence and poise.

Be it a chinese collar long length salwar suits or her marraige time designer saree at wedding or a cute summer dress at a brunch with her mommy friends, todays’ mom makes her style statement very evident in every occasion. From smartly dropping kids at school, being competent at work and being head-turner at the parties, modern moms today can give competition to any fashionable youth today. With ‘urban moms’ getting ‘Oh! So stylish day-by-day’, undoubtedly I firmly believe that stepping into a motherhood does not mean to say ‘No to fashion’.

No am not talking about much talked about ‘celebrity moms’ like Malaika Arora Khan, Aishwarya Rai or Sushmita Sen, who has the luxury of 24/7 support system to take care of their home and kids and so taking care of their beauty routine and other fashion stuff, comes quite easy to them.

Yes! I am talking about the common modern day moms like me, who loves to stay stylish and feel good about it. Watch this space for more some tried and tested, foolproof tips and tricks for any mom to look stylish.

Watch this space for more some tried and tested, fool proof tips and tricks for any mom to look stylish in my next blog post.


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