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I always wanted to be a mom. But I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. And now, I am a mompreneur. Mompreneur – its such a strong word. It all began when I made a pair of crochet shoes for my bundle of joy. I made it purely for the fun of it; but when my friends and family spoke about how good it is and encouraged me, I thought of starting an online business.

As I was thinking seriously about it, I was reminded of how even I am a bundle of joy to my mother. She has always been always a creative person who inspired me all throughout. But she never got the right opportunity to display her skills. And thus ‘Bundle of Joy’ was born as a Facebook page with dresses for girls (designed by both of us and stitched by my mom), and crochet shoes for kids (made by me).

Thanks to MyBabycart, ‘Bundle of Joy’ is a complete online business now. I am a Post Graduate in Management. But I never had to use any of the Blue Ocean strategies and theories to run this – I am doing this, because I love this. Thanks to the financial freedom I enjoy now, I am also able to contribute a small amount to charity every month.

If you are a buyer, I would love to hear from you on my products and service.

If you are not a buyer, I would still love to hear from you, on anything related to my products.

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