Meet Mompreneur Sonali Sabat, Owner of Head to Toe





“Necessity is the mother of invention”…


I still remember those days when I had to buy a gorgeous dress and matching accessories for my little princess on her 1st birthday. Myself & my hubby struggled to find one appealing dress and finally got one dress that met the occasion needs.

I saw a gap in the market and thought I might be able to fill the gap and eventually be able to use this opportunity to start my own enterprise catering to the needs of babies & moms. After speaking with other busy moms at kids parties, play groups etc. I realized that there was a strong demand for dresses that are fashionable.

This was a strong realization point and led to the foundation of Head2Toe Gallery.

Head2Toe Gallery Baby Boy 3 Piece Suit - Black and White

Haed2Toe Gallery is the exclusive online boutique. We offer the latest in designer children’s clothing, shoes and accessories. All our items are fashion forward and have a unique look from classy to funky, your child has never looked better. Children clothing and accessories are our specialty. We carry clothing from all European designers, as well as top American brands. All our footware is designed in Italy and France. Our selection and services will not be beat, and our prices are great as well.

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