Santa is Real – Celebrate X’MAS with Zeal


Ah! Mommy and Daddy, Christmas is round the corner and I know your mind has become Santa’s workshop. No matter how little our children, we love to put up a small Christmas tree in the house, we buy a Santa cap for the little one in our arms and we bring gifts galore to make Christmas special. Cakes, cookies and muffins are next in line. The spirit is awesome and aura tremendous … such is the power of Santa’s HO! Ho! Ho!

Ah! He is my favourite old man as he is the fittest and a kid at heart. My heart goes out for him when I try and imagine the way he toils to make the children of the world happy.  Though robust and rotund; we accept him just to love everything about him, that too unconditionally. And he is so progressive!

Yep the commendable way in which he upholds the concept of ‘one world family.’ Did I set your mind ticking dear ones? Yes! There is something about Santa that just everybody around the world loves him so dearly. No wonder he is also famous as Father Christmas who is omnipresent and has something in his kitty for all those who believe in him. Ah! He is faith personified. As a child I read somewhere that Father Christmas, or Santa Claus, lives in Korvatunturi, in northern Finland- north of the Arctic Circle and that people of all age groups from across the world send letters to him.

I too was so possessed with the idea of writing to Santa and possibly getting a gift from him. The greedy little ‘me’ was sure that a letter would fetch me a gift. So I sat with my dad and together we wrote a heart warming letter to Santa. For days together I dreamt of a weary postman huffing and puffing as he made his way through the snow just to deliver my letter to Father Christmas.

My school closed for the Christmas vacations and my worries began to surface. “Oh! Daddy where do we hang the stockings? What if bhaiya plays a nasty prank to avenge my innocent one the day before?” To this my dad replied, “Ah! You don’t have to worry. I’ll be on guard and you can practice being good to your bhaiya.” What a relief set in and I began to dream of Santa.  I actually imagined a jolly, rotund, red- nosed Santa, dressed in a fur trimmed red, placing gifts inside my red stockings.


Until midnight, I strained my whole self to catch the familiar ‘Ho, HO,Ho’ of Santa until the silence of the magical night lulled me to sleep. Early in the morning, I leapt out of bed to where my stockings lay. Oh! Santa had been so generous as my stockings looked so bulky and full. Yum! My favourite toffees and as I dug deep it was time to hold my breath as I felt a crunchy-munchy sound of the wrapping sheet. To my delight I found a small magical star that glittered with divinity.  I rushed to my dad to show him the star from Santa. He too held it with a twinkle in his eyes and translated Santa’s silent message to me… “Geetu, Santa wishes you to be like a star, to be good to shine for one and all.” And I tell you, I swelled with pride and promised Santa to be good with all. To this my father added, “And Santa will take care of all your wishes in future. You just wait and watch.”

And Santa always helped as if he was just a heart-call away.   Life moved on and my faith became steadfast. I grew up to realize that Santa was none other than Dad but then he too appeared to me as a clone of Santa. At one point, Dad himself moved on in silence but Santa gave me ‘Pa’s’ heart to think, believe and act big. Santa still sent his divine help as our frequencies matched and we loved to tune in to each other. I felt my rotund old man croon the carol that helped me recuperate from my huge loss… Yes! Every night these lines acted as a lullaby as they rode on the winds from Korvatunturi…

Silent night, Holy night

All is calm, all is bright

Round yon virgin, mother and child

Holy infant, tender and mild

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Sleep in heavenly peace.

I could hear the church bell in the silence of the night, I started to feel the peace that lay with my Pa and I knew Santa was there with me.

With great humility I would love to share that I’ve wished well to all and helped both with kind words and deeds. Slowly, I passed on the tenets of  ‘loving all,  caring for all and sharing whatever I had ’ to my little one and many around. And believe me I’ve received two fold from loved ones and angels who have been strangers, neighbours as well as friends.

Santa is real because he is finally all about love, faith and generosity. Let’s just cram up all that he has to impart every Christmas to make this world a better world for our children. Let’s just ‘Be’ Santa  for the little ones in our homes and neighbourhood or maybe in the orphanage in the vicinity to spread the love around and warm up the hearts of those who are cold with deprivation, jittery with poor experiences and teary with loss and pain.


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas with a warm hug and blessings from my heart…. May the stars shine upon you when darkness begins to gather,  May angels come your way when hard times beckon, may love be your strength when you feel alone and may faith be with you when you are forlorn.

Love you all.


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