Meet Mompreneur Rufaida Khan, Owner of Ruffin



Being a mother of two kids I knew the importance of consumption of pure and unadulterated food products.The idea struck to me when my mother coaxed me into taking saffron with milk when I was pregnant. Being married in a Kashmir family with vast agricultural lands of various fruits and spices , I was made aware of the immense benefits of the beautiful and costliest spice saffron and how it is usually adulterated for selfish reasons. We at Ruffin’s make sure that we get you the best and high quality saffron plucked from our fields in Kashmir.
Its been five years now and the only advertising media is through word of mouth by my customers who have now become my friends.This makes me proud of my venture.

This year we have got registered with FSSAI ( FOOD SAFETY AND STANDARDS AUTHORITY OF INDIA).
Once a customer buys the product from us we inform them as to how one can differentiate between the adulterated and unadulterated types of saffron.

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