Roshni Baronia, Owner of Little Charms


Roshni Baronia - Owner of Little Charms

What is the story behind your venture?

My high school years were full of fantasizes of my being a business woman attending board meetings!

Quite weird it may sound but that was the dream I use to see with open eyes not knowing when it would be real. But it is just that best things happen when they have the right timing. Likewise my dream got a chance to get real when decorating my kid’s room became my favorite pass time. It was then that I realized that I can combine my design education from NIFT with the lovely world of a kids room by creating a concept with which they can play , learn , grow and feel inspired. Hence forth came around ‘Little Charms – an online kids furnishing boutique’

What is inspiration behind your brand?

I had to run pillar to post to set up my little manufacturing workshop….finding the place, sourcing the material, equipments, machinery, workers etc. There was a challenge to be faced at every single step. But all the efforts paid off with the appreciation and encouragement I got from my customers. Their positive feedback and suggestions kept me motivated to further take forward my work and continuously innovate and improvise. It was on customer demand that I ventured big time into personalized birthday return gifts. The call backs from happy customers inspire me to perform well each and every time.

What is your 1-line business mantra?

Design , functionality and affordability alone makes a great product. At Little Charms we pursue this goal.

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