Meet Mompreneur Radhika & Ashwini, Owner of Blossom Child Proofing



“Every Child deserves a safe environment…. let us make it happen together.”


Radhika Bhalerao and Ashwini Gawde are co-founders of Blossom Child proofing solutions Pvt ltd. As a child safety company we are committed towards providing every child and their parents a scar-free set of childhood memories. We are also committed towards providing a secure and healthy surrounding while providing several avenues for safe exploration.To create awareness about child safety and to minimize unintentional injuries and accidents, we conduct child proofing workshops for new parents, teachers as well as other care givers. We conduct child safety inspection for individual clients as well as institutes such as preschool, day care centre etc.

Why we made the change:

Radhika: I took a sabbatical for enjoying motherhood like many other moms. While raising my own son I realized the necessity of child safety products which can minimize the in-house injuries for small children. And from that point I commenced my research and study about childproofing. I also searched for those child safety products in malls and shops etc. But hardly any one was aware about that. I shared the whole experience to my friend and neighbor, Ashwini who is co-founder of Blossom. She is also a mother of 2 beautiful girls. We met many doctors, senior teachers; child psychologists and understood their view about childproofing. Blossom took shape as we decided to utilize our learnings and spread awareness about childproofing

In the future:

We want to introduce entire range of child safety related products which are designed especially for the Indian market. In next few years we aim to expand our reach pan India with our child safety products as well as with child proofing services.

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