Quick Recipe: How to Celebrate a Hatke Friendship (Every)Day


When we were kids I don’t remember we ever had an exclusive day set aside to shower our affection on our friends.  Well times have changed and so the manner to celebrate friendship day.   Previously all  it took to make a delicious recipe of the dessert  called  friends forever was to throw in  a bunch of friends either in a playground or at somebody’s home  to which  knick-knacks like paper, pencil, chalk, stones etc. were added and tada! the formula to have a best friend forever became an instant hit. This was all until the technology slowly started creeping into the lives of our bachchas and transforming them into millennials, also known as Net generation.  Nowadays, the latest electronic gadgets and being socially active in the online world makes or mars their idea of friendship.

Back in the day it was  daily meeting him in  the school or at home or at the most connecting through landline was the only medium to remain in touch with your best friend but now your kid’s  BFF would either be punching his fingers frantically on the buttons  to text messages on  his mobile phone ( even if they are neighbors), or  even if  together,  playing Minecraft on computer or Clash of Clans on phone remains  their understanding  of “games kids play together” .

I am not saying there’s anything unusually bad in this, as technology is here to stay and if used properly it enhances kids’learning ability besides helping in making new friends. Like any other parent I am also ok with the concept of modern games but how I wish the innocence, the simplicity of our age-old games is not lost on our next generation. So this friendship day let’s try to teach the kids those traditional Indian games from our times so that they become a part of their present times. Here’s  a rundown on the same:

Good Old Paper and Pencil

For once ask your kid to forget his smartphone, tablet and video game consoles and bring out paper and pencil. Some interesting games they can play are:

1) Tic-Tac-Toe or Xs and Os

Image result for tic tac toe

For this zero –kaata game, one player chooses the number 0 and the other X. make two horizontal and two vertical lines as shown in the image. Then each player, taking alternate turns, has to place three Os or three Xs; either in horizontal, vertical or diagonally in such a way that it makes a sequence.  One who makes this pattern first, wins the game. It’s it simple game with loads of fun! 

2) Name, Place, Animal, Thing

Image result for Name, place, animal, thing

The best game to test not only the opponent’s wit but to increase your knowledge too. All the kids have to do is pick an alphabet written on 26 chits and quickly scribble the name of a person, place, animal and thing beginning with that alphabet. The player who finishes first then count till 30   and ask the others to stop writing.  Each word carries 5 points.  Keep playing till all chits are over and count the score. The highest scorer is declared winner. I used to play this game a lot with my friends and hope our younger generation too likes it!

3) Dots and squares

Image result for dots and squares

First make a grid of dots, placed equidistant, on a lined paper. The first player now has to join any two dots beside each other giving chance to next who then will do the same. The aim of the game is to make maximum squares by being the last one to join the dots. Once the square is made, write the initial of your name to claim it’s yours. The winner is the person who makes maximum squares using all the dots. Isn’t it pure pleasure! 

4) Raja-Mantri-Chor-Sipahi

In this game of 4 players Chits are made for Raja (1000 points), Mantri (800 points), Chor (0 points) and Sipahi (500 points). Each kid has to pick one chit. The king or raja then asks who his mantri is. The mantri then has to guess the chor (thief). If the guess is correct, he retains his points otherwise surrender them to chore.  The player with highest score wins the game

Simple Outdoor Games

We all know that owning a badminton racket, table tennis bat, skates or even a cycle with gears was a luxury during the times when we were kids. Despite that, we used to occupy ourselves by playing some fun-filled traditional outdoor games with our friends.  Some of which were:

1) Pakdam-Pakdai

Image result for tag game

This game is as simple as it gets! All that the kids have to do is to make a child among the group to catch any one of them while on the run.  Add a twist to this simple game by making a chain of players (whoever is get caught) and chasing the others who are yet to be caught.

2) Hopscotch

Also known as Stapu or Kith-Kith in this game all one needis a piece of chalk and an open ground. Draw the game as shown in the image.Without letting it touch the borders of any square, the player has to throw a flat rock in the first one and cover the whole hopscotch board while hopping on one foot, first front till the end and then back while retrieving his rock. The player is out if at any point his foot touches the line. The first to cover all the squares in similar fashion is the winner.

3) Kho-Kho

Image result for kho kho

It’s a team game where the players of one team have to sit in a line with adjacent members facing opposite directions. At least two players from the opponent team then run in the field so as to avoid being getting touched by the chaser of the first team. The team which is tagged-out in less time is loser and the other is winner.

4) Poshampa

Do you still remember these lines:

Poshampa Bhai Poshampa
 Char khilone kya kiya
 Sau rupaye ki Ghadi churayi
 Charane ki kulfi khayi
 ab to Jail mein aana padega
 Jain ka pani peenna padega

Sounds silly but this childhood game brings a smile on my face even today whenever I think of it. Two kids have to make a make-shift jail by locking their hands above their heads. They have to sing the above song while the other kids have to pass through the jail without getting trapped when the songs end. Whoever gets caught is out.

Kancha, gulli-danda, pitthu, aankh micholi(hide n seek), tippy-tippy tap are some of the other outdoor games which children can play just to get some unadulterated entertainment.

Image result for gulli danda

Trust me these classic children games are not only great means of recreation but also gives a boost in building their physical strength and confidence.It’s sad that with the advent of tech-savvy games their popularity is gradually declining but given a try, we can make  this friendship day an occasion to revive these good old games by encouraging our kids  to play at least one of them.


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