Proud To Be a Mompreneur!


I didn’t flinch and neither did I cringe,

I didn’t quiver and neither did I cower;

I have come a long way,

And achieve success in my own small ways,

Financially, emotionally and physically, there were hurdles I have endured;

But thrilled with my achievements, I feel proud to be a mompreneur!

When I reflect on my past, I feel glad that I took the right decisions at the right time. I look myself in the mirror and the reflection shows a determined woman who refuses to be known as a homemaker throughout her life.” My whole life revolves around my kids and spouse” was not an acceptable idea to me. “I spend the golden years of my life in doing household chores“ was not my aim in life. I did not agree to that lifestyle. I never ignored my family in the process. It was, it is and will always remain my priority. So I found a solution by creating a niche for myself – whether it’s from home, or from a little office tucked at the corner of the road, I started running my business operations with a strong will. My hobbies which I am pro at became my business model and helped me in becoming my own boss. I used social media to my advantage and started marketing my products. I made plans – plans to succeed, to better myself with each passing day so every night I sleep satisfied and wakes up next morning fully charged to take on the day.

What have I gained so far? Besides financial independence, the strong networking helped me in making new friends in form of other mompreneurs. Through social media and gatherings the relationship I have built with them is ever-lasting. We motivate each other, we learn from each other, we feel each other pain, we rejoice in others success, we reach out to each other when in need and we help to promote other mompreneurs in their business. WE CONNECT! I also love it when my clients appreciate my work and say, ” well done” , it helps me stay motivated and keeps me on a right track. At the same time I feel pleased that my kids too are gaining from my entrepreneurial spirit, the skills and experience I gather during my journey are getting rubbed off on my kids. I am like their in-house role model and can safely vouch it all happened coz I am a proud mompreneur! Reflect it on further in my blog How Entrepreneur Mom influences kids?
As a mompreneur I feel there’s so much to achieve every day and twenty- four hours seems so less for that. But the journey which I started by taking baby steps is going steady and now I am ready to take a giant leap, I really hope so! Each passing day bring its own challenges but I try to accomplish them to best of my capabilities and that what’s makes me feel proud. Oh yes, I am ME, A PROUD MOMPRENEUR.


So let’s further our endeavor to become a brand in our self by networking with other self-motivated mompreneurs who are pursuing their dreams and desires in their own right. When we meet, it’s grows into a strong relationship which is mutually beneficial for the business. My blog ”Mompreneurs, Act like a lady think like a boss” is worth a read on the similar lines.

After becoming a part of previous two mommpreneurs Meet, I am glad I will end this year on a high note by going again to an upcoming events – ‘Mompreneurs Meet’ which is being held on 3rd and 9th December in Bangalore and Mumbai respectively. I hope to see you all there! The programme is as follows:

Bangalore Meet on 3rd Dec 2014 at Hotel Iris

Guest of Honour: Babita Jaishankar, (High on Heels with Babita Jaishankar)

Soul of the Event: Sujatha S Iyer (Meet Soul of the Mompreneurs Meet III)

Event Partners: Salma Moosa, Director at Prudence Advisors (Lady Moosa: Thinker, Dreamer & Go-Getter ) &

Uma Devi, CTO Citrya Technologies (Umadevi: Technologist, Hacker & Architect)


Mumbai Meet on 9th Dec 2014 at Cafe Nemo

Guest of Honour: Ms. Sathya Saran - Renowned Journalist, Natural Story-teller, editor of Popular Women’s Magazine Me, Ex-Femina Editor. Author of 10 years with Guru Dutt: Abrar Alvi’s Journey, Sun Mere bandhu Re – The Musical World of S D Burman & many more books.

Workshop on Financial Planning by Mr. Shrirang Tambe, MD Ourea Capital Advisors

PR & Marketing in Digital Age Session