Meet Priyanka & Divyata, Owner of Floso Gifts



We believe that babies are God’s gifts to us and gifting them has to be special.


Floso has been creating unique baby gifts and memories since 2012! We try to match the uniqueness of each bundle of joy with our creativity and delicacy.

Primarily we package baby utility products into unique and memorable gifts. Right from concept to execution, we are there in every step to make sure that we deliver our best.

You will not find pre-made gift choices here, only gift ideas from which to begin building your own creation. In order to best fit your needs with our designs we gather information about the recipient and the occasion, which saves your time in the process. We offer you an opportunity to include items within our gifts.

Floso team believes gifting is an expression of love and every gift needs to create a memory for your loved ones. Life is really simple, but we insist on making it enticing.

Floso Team

We are a team of two trying to put our heads together to reach your hearts

Divyata Dalal (Mumbai)

Divyata is a qualified Chartered Financial Analyst and has over a decade of experience in financial services field. Divyata (Divu) as everybody fondly calls her is an extremely simple person but a saint at heart. The corporate world did not provide her an opportunity to express her creative talents and so she decided to expand a hobby into a business venture. Her business acumen has provided her success in the past two years and she is all set to take Floso to the next level.

Priyanka Varaiya (Bangalore)

Priyanka is a freelance graphic designer for over a decade and has always been on the creative side of things right from her schooling. She is a very happy go lucky person with unmatched optimism. Floso to her has been a dream come true by giving physical form to her ideas and visions.

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