Pretend Play – Imporant to Boost Child’s Imagination

When toddler starts to pretend like Mommy or Daddy he/she passed one Major Development Milestone.Pretend Play helps to boost child’s imagination & teaches lot of things such as:1. Empathy – In Pretend Play Child puts himself in someone else’s shoes, thus helping him to understand others.2. Language Skills – As child talks to Dolls/Soft Toys or other even cars, he learns to communicate while playing. This helps him as he grows up & starts playing with other friends.3. Problem Solving – When child pretends to take a Picture, or needs a spoon to feed Doll, he is actually solving problems by relating items with activities. This further boosts his logical, analytic skills.

4. Courage – When child puts himself in some situation while playing he is actually familiarizing himself with that situation. Thus giving him courage to face the same, like meeting Doctor.

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