Potty Training – Is it Time?

Potty Training is an important milestone for your kids growth. Before you really start potty training, its very important to understand whether baby is ready for it or not. Its success relies on
physical & emotional readiness of baby not on any specific age.
  • These days kids are mostly on diaper unlike older days thus first & most important step is to make kid understand whats Pee & whats potty.
  • Next step is to understand their readiness, are they peeing after an interval of at least 2 hrs? This indicates they have grown physically for the training.
  • Third important point is, can your baby follow simple directions. This indicates he is grown mentally to understand the same.
  • Fourth check point is, can he tell by facial expression, words or some other way when he needs to go?
If 3 points out of 4 are true then your kid is ready. In case he resists, don’t force he will be ready next day.Also its important to understand what potty seat is right for kid. Is it stand alone potty seat required or he just needs a seat reducer.One important trick, if child is in habit of seat reducer & you are out of your home but he needs to go then just hold his hands or put some stool under his feet to balance him while he sits on regular toilet seat & does it.

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