Meet Parul, Owner of Parul’s Crochet Creations




My passion for crochet started 15 years back when I participated in a school event on crocheting. Initially I started making crochet products for my own home like door hangings, doilies etc. My family always appreciated my products and inspired me to take my hobby as a business.


I was not so serious about crocheting earlier, but when my sister and brother in law encouraged me, I turned my hobby into a business opportunity. They helped me in marketing my products both online & offline and the appreciation & positive feedback I received from my customers kept me going. Being a true believer in hard work & continuous learning I started using internet as a medium to learn various crocheting styles & techniques to add to my products range.

Now, with full support from my husband I am on my way to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a successful woman entrepreneur. This is just a beginning; I am all set to take my business ahead with all your blessings.

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