Parenting: Grooming Children to Understand Social Responsibility


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Do you fear an unsafe world for your little one?

Do you shiver at the thought of crimes in the society?

Do you feel for the little boys and girls begging on the roads?

Do you recognize that poverty is the mother of crime?

Do you realise that crimes can be curtailed when as human race we try to reach out and help the unprivileged?

Do you lack conviction when it comes to a value based life?

Do you wish for a change?

Yes! A social change where we care to share and have an attitude to help and promote one another to come up in life! Yes! a better world where we feel the need to work towards the betterment of the society so that we leave a peaceful world for our children, where have-nots are helped and inspired to cross over…Ah! A world where race, religion, caste or class won’t matter as we will come forward as one…Yes! Realizing the dream of a one world family.

Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Yes! Don’t wait for someone to bring in a change; be the change you want to see in this world. Get up in readiness to be empathetic … and to share. Ask yourself a few questions… Why is the crime rate scaling? It is because of concentration of wealth in a few hands, greed and inequality.

Look deep within to know how we think only about ourselves… how competitive we have become … how earnest we are in our efforts to pull someone down to rise in life… and how fanatic we become when we groom our children to beat the rest … to be street smart to survive and excel. How often do we hoard and teach to hoard! And how often do we crib that the world around us lacks warmth, sensitivity and the feeling of brotherhood? Ah! We have to accept the challenge to defeat the selfish monster whom we have fed with greed, jealousy and self centeredness. How we have turned a blind eye to the misery that has come up because we don’t care anymore? Let’s embrace the ‘real me’ who is naturally endowed to share and care. Let’s begin now to walk the talk and be perfect role models for our children…let’s initiate by taking baby steps in the direction of the have-nots…yes the less privileged sections of the society and above all groom our little ones to care and share.

Grooming Children To Become Socially Responsible

Social responsibility doesn’t mean you have to wait to become a millionaire to set up an orphanage or an old age home…. Yes! You can make a difference in a small way that won’t cost you at all. Daily acts of kindness can help us to groom our children to share and care. Let’s see how simple it is to give shape to our idea of social responsibility.

1) Treating Helpers Well

We belong to each other. Don’t we? Yes! Once we realise that it is our responsibility to do our bit for the society then let’s become role models for our babies. Let’s teach them to part with their toys, books and share with our not- so- fortunate friends with a smile. Yes! To share with joy. Let’s groom our children to know that our helpers are hard working human beings and not lesser mortals who need to be shown their place time and again. Let’s show respect and call our helpers ‘aunty, bhaiya or amma’. You will see how their attitude changes and they exude warmth and sincerity that only comes with a sense of belongingness.

Taking helpers for a medical check-up in six months, giving them a meal or clothes to wear help them move towards a quality life to shun that feeling of anger that God has just been too unkind by giving everything to a handful of people. More over an unhealthy being washing the dishes, cooking daily meals or taking care of children is something none of us can afford. A healthy help keeps a healthy home.

As educated couples we can help them to get ration cards or know more about savings and government schools that even provide mid day meals besides free education to children. Let’s educate them about family planning and quality living. Let’s report child labour in hazardous occupations and let’s spread awareness about Sarvodaya Vidyalayas that provide education of a comparable quality up to a given level to all students irrespective of their caste, creed residence or sex. It upholds the fact that education holds the key to economic growth, social transformation, modernization and national integration.

2) Collecting Alms For Donation

Since early childhood the nuns at school would give us little responsibilities. We were asked to bring either a potato or a fistful of rice or dal. Like this every class room collected grocery items, vegetables etc to help a special home that harboured the destitute, abandoned and  special children. It’s easy and so convenient to part with a single potato or onion without feeling the brunt of inflation or experiencing a major hole in our pockets. This is a simple way to raise food items that can promise a meal to so many. Take your little ones along so that they learn to give with a smile.

3)  With The Deprived

Sharing is caring. My dad would always order toffees, snacks and juice on birthdays and carry the same to an orphanage in the vicinity. Later when we grew up we realised that we could donate our books, note books, crayons, bags…just everything to the children living there. I can’t express the happiness on each one’s face when they received the goodies. We were asked by our teachers not to use our school uniforms as mops but to mend them, wash them and iron them and keep them ready for the children in orphanages. I still remember how our parents greatly inspired us to share with a smile.

4) Inculcating Spirit To Think Ways To Help

Kindness keeps the world buoyant and this has been proved in all ages. My grandpa always financed a child’s education on his dad’s death anniversary. He would keep earnings aside for this cause and was always successful in doing his bit. He would give free medical aid to many of his patients to inculcate the value of healthy living. I saw my dad as someone who was a friend indeed. Following their footsteps my mum still continues to do her bit to help just anyone in despair. She will reach out to help the peon or the security guards of the residential society, the dhobi and his family as she is clear that we just need to look around to help and make someone smile with a kind word or deed. Following their footsteps I prepare simple sandwiches or roti rolls for the beggars on signals. It just takes a simple effort to make this world a better place. Let’s spread warmth to fuel kindness.

5) Conducting Workshops In Orphanages

Reaching out to the unprivileged is like creating rainbows in their cloudy life. My daughter attended an art school in Kochi. The art teacher was a gifted lady who would organise workshops at an orphanage and take all her students to help her in her mission. Armed with crayons, coloured sheets etc she would prepare her students to conduct one to one workshops. Tanya was in grade 3 when she shared her skills to teach a boy of her age to make cut outs. She was thrilled to learn to make a shrub with flowers from the same boy. She was so happy with her experience and looked forward to such workshops. Her interaction equipped her with the virtues of empathy to a great extend. She would come home with an attitude of gratitude as she had parents, a home and whatever she needed. As smart mums we can always conduct story telling sessions, a puppet show or a craft workshop for the deprived. It’s easy and brings a sense of satisfaction to both the sides.

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To bring a smile on an under privileged child’s face takes only a small effort and nourishes you and your little one’s inner creativity.

Sharing and caring will create a bond of love and a sense of belongingness in each one of us. Our attitude will define the world and make it a better place to live in. When we give freely and with love…why would a deprived feel the need to snatch. Love knows no barriers …let’s extend our auras to heal our society. As mums and dads we can change the face of the world to make it a lovely place to be in. Let’s teach our kids to be soft and kind humans rather than bossy, arrogant and hollow personalities. Let’s do it for our children, let’s do it for everyone. If each one of us could extend some kind of help to another, we will weave in love to create a wholesome society worldwide. Remember, our children observe us and always look up to us so let’s be great role models.



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