Meet Mompreneur Nidhi, Owner of NeedyBee



The guiding principle for NeedyBee is to create opportunity for people to have flexible career paths, to have the choice to work from home and become an entrepreneur. We are making our products handmade, eco-friendly and stylish. We want to be a socially responsible company!


The power of internet today allows you to be anywhere in the world and continue to conduct and manage your business from anywhere! Now in India, with a penchant for starting something new and creative, I decided to tap into the nascent accessory market in India and worldwide.


As is the case, global boundaries have diluted! I have been successfully running a Bollywood Dance Fitness company since 2001. It was founded in Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area, CA. In 2005, I sold my company and moved to India. In India I re-established my dance company ( and ran it successfully and franchised it within two years and moved to Singapore. Now I am back in India and the classes are running in CA, Texas, Chicago, Singapore & India.

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2001 when i left MCKinsey (my first job) and moved to USA. I am a believer of destiny. I truly believe in my heart that taking up dance as a profession was my destiny. i could’ve in my wildest dreams never thought of dance as a profession. it was always a passion!

As opportunity unfolded I founded Stepz Dance Inc in Bay Area CA in 2002. I sold the company in 2005 and relocated to India where I founded BollyBeatz. Today BollyBeatz runs in USA & Asia.

NeedyBee Girls Blue Button Hairclip

I have used my MBA teachings and converged it with my love for dance and started a unique dance related team building workshops. I have done corporate contracts and team building workshops to teach dance as team building and social skills enhancement exercise with Cisco, Google,Standard Chartered, P&G,JCDecaux, Bunge Agro Foods,IHG hotels,Vopak Asia, INSEAD, Gold’s Gym,Yahoo, McConnell Dowell South East Asia Pvt.,Singtel,CPF,NCS,Bain & Co,Bank of New York Mellon,Eu Yan Sang,MediaCorp

In 2011 I relocated once again to India. This time life opened a new Chester of opportunity for me. I was quick to grab it! And thus NeedyBee was founded. A kids brand dressing kids Head2Toe. We aim to be a part of this big billion dollar kids e commerce industry and create our own niche in the market.

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