New Year Resolution for Mompreneurs


So we survived another year and by God’s grace our businesses too, amidst the hurly-burly of daily chores. Yup, we deserve a pat on our back! And with just a few days away from celebrating a brand new year, it’s also a time to reflect on our past and make new promises to excel ourselves in the coming year. Dear lovely ladies, I was thinking that each year we  make resolutions at a personal level , be it challenging our self to lose weight, eating healthy food, visit our relatives more often, travel to some exotic destination  and many such noble thoughts , so how about we aspire to do something different this time  in terms of our entrepreneurial activities. Let’s make a resolution not as a female, wife or a mother but as an entrepreneur for a successful new year.  Though for every mother entrepreneur priorities differ depending on her line of work and accordingly the resolutions too but I wish to give you a head start with the following noble intentions:


I resolve to improve my networking: Whether your business is on a small scale or on a big scale, whether it’s a start-up or already a big e-tailer, to constantly remain in the game you can never get done with cultivating a productive relationship with your prospective customer or with other entrepreneurs. It can be either online through social websites or offline by attending social events.  You aim to make your presence felt more on networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp (in short become tech-savvy) and try coming out of your comfort zone to actively participate in informal gatherings so as to add new clients to your repertoire. Your marketing strategy should intent to connect yourself with like-minded people so as to attain more referrals and become friends with fellow mompreneurs who can act as your support system when in need.

I will improve my business strategy too: The main idea behind this resolution is to stand out among the competitors. Let’s say you are into selling accessories, to grab more eyeballs you might consider to do something unique like venturing into making and selling hand-made baby clips, hairbands etc. as per the customer demand. If your focus is niche, you will have a distinguishable market thus getting constant demands for your products. You should also strive to broaden the customer base by involving yourself more with them, may be through their feedbacks and suggestions which will also help in smoothening all the rough edges of your business. In short, promise yourself to work passionately towards building a “brand”.

I challenge myself to make concrete and realistic plan: Next year focus on creating practical goals which can be attained as per your capabilities and then plan accordingly to achieve them. for example , when it comes to the sales figure, keep it  at an achievable  level , may be 20 or 30 percent which is more sensible rather than  taking it to 70%  which might become an overambitious and unattainable   a dream  leading to frustration. So always make realistic targets to save yourself from failure. While you are planning for your venture, keep the monetary aspect also into consideration. Go through all the expenses you made in the current year and what can you do to eliminate the undue ones in the next year. 

I resolve to stick to my  schedule:  This means when you are working don’t  answer any unofficial calls or think about cooking or doing the laundry  and when you are with your  kids, let they be your  priority, don’t check mobile or your e-mails at that time. To achieve this ,  proper time management is required  and  the same  can be attained if  one of the tip you follow is  to not  shy away from  delegating  simple household chores to someone else be it your  husband,  kids or even appointing some extra help to ease up your work pressure. Similarly, you should also outsource some official work if it doesn’t require your constant attention. This will help in maintaining your sanity and you can work more attentively towards your goals. (Read my blog “time-management tips for working mothers”)

I promise to have time for myself and my family: Recently at one of the mompreneurs meet I listened to  a well-known speaker advising that if you work for six days a week, on the seventh day be there for your support system i.e. your husband and kids. Well said! So this year promise yourself that you’ll sincerely try to maintain a work-life balance.  Additionally try to keep yourself fit and fine by eating healthy food, exercising. A fit body means fit mind which in turn will reflect on the overall health of your business too.

Well these are some of the resolutions which you might want to take an oath for before welcoming the New Year.  I am sure other than the above given everybody has their own, so how about each of us sharing it with others. Believe me when it’s in writing it will