Meet Mompreneur Neha Mittal, Owner of The Learning Room



I started my own company the Learning Room as an extension of my love for my children. I am a trained graphic designer a full time mother and a serious juggler of time. I steal time to design products for my children that would tickle their curious minds and make them smile. With the birth of my son I had noticed the scarcity of learning based tools, the ones available were either too boring or too expensive, once a child has learnt a skill the toy would be a waste.


This thought of utilizing a medium to its optimum gave birth to the Learning Room. Learning Room is a refreshing blend of learning and home décor. The products are designed to enable learning via an environment/ space, primarily the child’s home or school. Skills like increasing vocabulary, teaching colour, learning to how to count can all be done in a fun way at the table over a meal making learning a beautiful experience. The posters, cushion covers and wall art not only add style and colour to your room but help the child recognize the alphabets through constant visibility. Our current range is designed for toddlers and preschoolers focusing not just on academics but making learning as a way of life.

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