Meet Mompreneur Neha Charlesworth, Owner of Azura




Azura believes in colourful versatile fashion wear that is comfortable, therefore we constantly create products that gel well with most attires and moods. Our line of Jutis for kids is an elegant fashion statement for ethnic attires as well as a play date in casuals.

We are a small team of like-minded fashion people who are always on the look out to bring unique fashion to our buyers and their little stars! We hope you like our first product line “Jodhpuri JutisMojaris “for kids and we promise, we won’t stop surprising you.


I have always felt that there is so much to do and so little time, thus some dreams may never be realised. Then I saw my 2 year old toddler, never wasting a second, doing what he loves and experimenting with the unknown in his own little way on a daily basis.

And hence, came the inspiration for Azura, a brand that was always in my head had finally arrived on my desk and has taken the shape of an office. My son had given me the best gift ever, the courage to launch my own brand – Azura!


As an Economics Hons. Graduate, M.B.A. and a Senior research fellow I always felt that a profession can also be aligned with passion and not just academics. A sound academic background gave me the right backing to take the plunge into creating my own brand Azura, which would help channelize my creative instincts into products that should be made available to all people who may appreciate the products we endlessly try to bring to them. A brand can only rely on the love of its patrons and not luck.

Azura, means the limitless blue sky and taking a cue from that, we constantly try to bring to all clients lifestyle products that are highly fashionable and exclusive. We offer the rarities of fashion, if you think you have a passion for creating fashion not following it, our products are for you.

We launched our brand with a product line for kids, handcrafted colourful Jodhpuri Jutis, because there was no better way to start a brand. Happiness to the little ones! Our handcrafted leather Jodhpuri Jutis bring colourful fashion to the tiny feet, which brighten up so many lives as they walk past. In the coming months, we have a whole range of delightful products for kids lined up that we would be more than happy to bring to our encouraging clientele.

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