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A woman is love. No wonder she has access to the natural storehouse of enormous talent, inherent beauty and innate wisdom. She performs every role to perfection as she gives her heart and soul to keep up every commitment. She is a born entrepreneur. Her professionalism lies in the strength and ease with which she is born to play so many roles. A woman is a perfect whole. She is a darling daughter, an adorable sister, a beloved, a diplomat maintaining multitude of relationships to almost perfection, a loving better half, a doting mom and all these experiences makes her the best mompreneur at MyBabyCart.
You want to get inspired then meet the top performers of MBC. Following were our top Mommy Performers for the month of July. They created business mantras while playing mommy role to perfection. Yes! Our MBC mompreneurs are the professional stay at home mums who wish to wake up to the babbling sounds of the little one and nurture their bundle of joy with love and affection and lots of time. Watch out, their mommy ideas have given them a business that is flourishing. Meet them as they peek- a -boo in the wee hours yet churn out profits galore.

Top Performers of MBC

Head to Toe                          Baby O Baby                            Anmol Wraps

New Mompreneurs at MBC

MBC gives a call that says ‘Join Us.’ We believe in you because you are a mum. We extend our hand because we know you can cope up just like we all did. You can hold our hand because we will understand you and give you loads of guidance to take baby steps towards your dream goal. Get inspired by the new comers who joined MBC. Just click to get some dose of inspiration and bouts of ideas.

New Mompreneurs added in the month of July-

Ankadii                                    Liz Jacob                           Love Crochet Art

Beyond Pink & Blue                         Parin Global                                    Favori

Young Angels                              Girlz Only                             Forefinger Solutions

Mrudula saree sales             Smitha’s Chic Collections        Meethi’s Jamnagar Bandhni
& weaving

Aniraa Craft

We started working with Moms at Home a year ago & we called them Customer Moms. Through them we’ve roped in their professional experiences and enriched persona.

Meet MBC Customer Moms

The MBC customer calls are attended by ladies at home. They talk to customers during pre-determined time-slots. These are highly-skilled ladies who gave up their jobs to be with their children. We love working with them & MBC gets a real boost as they connect so well with our customers.

But then MBC is all about Mommy business. It is an organization of its kind as it is built with Moms at Home. Just every mom associated with MBC got inspired to take baby steps to start a fresh professional innings. Soon these lovely ladies realized that ‘working’ with MBC was like operating in quiet a stress free environment where mums inspired,  mums led and mums showed the way. It was fine to attend a business call with babbling sounds in the background and it was just being cool to carry your baby to the next MBC Mompreneur Meet.

This month we had an insightful write by Mommy Milan who shares that MBC is more of a treasure house of varied experiences of Mompreneurs and in her blog she has talked about the lives and experiences of the various committed ladies working at MBC. Click here to get the much needed inspiration from fellow mums to start afresh.

MBC organizes events time and again to give direction or guidance to mompreneurs. We at MBC inspire with words, thoughts and necessary guidance that will ignite your mind with business ideas. If the idea of personal branding appeals to you then here are some expert tips for you.

Personal Branding Session at MBC

The month of August had a Personal Branding Session organized for mompreneurs. Anu Krishnan, a Personal Branding Guide, was invited for the benefit of our mompreneurs. She helped ladies to understand the importance of themselves as a brand. She also counselled ladies and gave valuable pointers on how a brand evolves at a period of time & how it is important to stand out, be confident & be proud of our efforts and business endeavours.

It was a thoroughly fruitful and professional session where mompreneurs got answers to their business queries. Anu Krishnan left them with great business ideas and solutions.

Mompreneurs at MBC are a rare combination of beauty and brains. A bit of vanity can always be pocketed as it is a natural ingredient of a woman’s charismatic persona. We at MBC are always looking for ways and means to feel beautiful and enhance our image.

Session with Image and Beauty Consultant

MBC invited Mangla Bansude who is an Image & Beauty consultant. She gave priceless tips to dress up well in just 20 minutes.  She also counselled mompreneurs on the choice of attire to grace varied occasions. It was great to get some handy tips on hair-styling which is of great importance for women especially when time is short and a lot needs to be done.

MBC is the powerhouse of love and devotion as it is all about mommy action and mompreneurs. This is the place where women find themselves and rediscover their individuality. This is the platform where moms find their lost dreams and pursue them all over again. A fresh innings and a fresh start, they are mums with little ones babbling in their arms. They have so much to share and what better ways than to pen them down just like buddies do.

Blogger Buddies at MBC

We have a huge bunch of bloggers who share what they have experienced. They are like buddies who write to share. Their words are like warm assurances and experiences that make one realize that everybody braved the innumerable challenges of motherhood and all survived. Why don’t you join the team of bloggers and share your mommy time with all of us. It’s like writing a letter to share.

August was the month of freedom and MBC gave a call to shun slavery. Click to read and acquire freedom from the shackles of the mind by Mommy Geeta.

MyBabyCart is all about this secret strength of the lioness who takes strides to forge ahead and carves a way for all of her kind. Wheel in with your ideas and feel the warmth and inspiration of many others. Look up the range of products and services to know that even your hobbies can give you a business idea.

Come join and be a part of MBC Mompreneur’s community. Click here to register and find opportunities galore.


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