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To be a working woman, especially a working mom could be a tough task in the Indian society. There are a zillion stereotypes and a set of expectations that a woman is expected to fulfill, being a wonderful homemaker is the top most priority which often puts her dreams and ambitions on the back burner. But with us, at we have a set of some awesome women who chose to break typecasts and bend the rules, at the same time manage a family.

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” ~ Katharine Hepburn

You can always select your own path and make your own way to have a life you dreamt of and have all the fun only if you are ready to take the risk. Our mompreneurs are a perfect example of such women. The Mompreneurs Meet III – High on Heels kicked off on a very encouraging note, it began with the idea of celebrating the step from motherhood towards entrepreneurship. Like we mentioned at the meet “the very idea that mothers have taken a step forward towards their entrepreneurial journey was worth celebrating”, we truly believe in this. :)

The meet was a wonderful platform for all the mompreneurs to connect and share their learnings and experiences. The two city event enabled us to connect with most of our network mompreneurs. It makes us proud that we are with women who personify the definition of supermoms, the women who know how to strike the balance without losing their own identity.

We’re sure you took a lot of valuable lessons home with you about presenting yourself to the world and using the technology to your benefit. No matter what you decide to do, just make sure to have your heart in it so you never give up on it! :)

Just trying without excuses is a good enough start. When you keep striving is when you keep getting better and hence all our mompreneurs our achievers. But additional appreciation and acknowledging the efforts serve as a good push to get better, here is that push :)

The top performers for last month are –


    Head to Toe Gallery              Petite Kiddy Boutique                 Baby O Baby

It is wonderful to see women pursue their passion and become independent. It’s time to welcome all the lovely new mompreneurs on board. Welcome!


Peach Girl                      Illuminati Creations                   Lime n Ginger


Pinkxenia                           Sandex Corp                  Baby Essentials


The Original Knit                   Mumble Jumble                   Gitanjali


Patiyala Factory                Sweet Nothings Crochet          Ira


Discovering Me by Mompreneur Neha Mital of The Learning Room

I had always heard friends say “You are so calm, you will make a fabulous mother.” I lived that notion in my head. Enjoyed every bit of the corporate life I lived and then surrendered to motherhood. I knew there was no turning back. I loved my little bundle too much to be able to separate myself from him. I am sure he would have done fine had I decided to go back to work, but I wasn’t ready. Its the first time I surrendered to Gods plans, having no concrete way forward, no goal to be driven by, surrendered to unconditional love for my son and waited for an idea to emerge.

Birthing a Baby and a Company

God is rather kind! It didn’t take too long. My son was only 3 months old when I started researching, playing to my strength as a graphic designer and my love for children. And a little over the time he was a year old, came up with an experiment The Learning Room. It has been an eventful 2 years filled with learning, harnessing all my past experience only for me this time around. Learning Room is a blend between home decor and learning for toddlers and pre schoolers. It is based on the premise of learning from your environment, primarily a childs home. The current range consists of cushion covers, coasters, table mats, posters and wall art. All the products are tested with my son and his friends and all that was effective is now in the market. I tested the products at home decor stores, libraries, schools, exhibitions, online, offline kids stores, the journey has been enriching and the response has been very encouraging. Learning Room is a bit of everything it simply doesn’t fit into one silo.

Teething Troubles

After 2 years of learning I thought I was ready to play big, I sure was! Only it was I who turned physically bigger, as I gave birth to my second child, my daughter! Surrendering to Gods way is full of surprises. I juggled being a mother and a mompreneur over the next year. Driven by faith and passion. I have to be honest – the designer in me craved for a few extra hours of dedicated time for my work, but i knew it was a time to clearly focus more on home and let work be flexible. I made choices that made life easier, sell online. That meant lesser meetings … lesser running around and more time for my doll. I see the word being flexible in new light as i manage two children and God ( and many other mums) alone know what that means.

Don’t get me wrong… I love them to bits. They are my inspiration for all that I do. But two fabulous children with their never ending energy levels seriously keeps me on my toes each day. My love for my art then strives me to find that little extra energy to sit and design, its my release and my me time and its sacred. I love going to bed having learned or created something new each day. It keeps me alive and happy.

Being a mompreneur has taught me respect for time, to play by my heart, to give my 100 % to each moment because thats what our little people do. To let go of the smaller issues to focus and give full attention to what makes the world go round. It is a great choice ….the best of both worlds, the ability to enjoy another childhood with your kids and to harvest that knowledge into creation once again.

Its surely the hardest I have ever worked and definitely the most I have ever laughed.

Do write into me at [email protected] and share your journey.

Also check out my page for our fun filled range.


This year is almost over. We’d really want to thank you for all your contribution and involvement with us. As we stand here knocking the doors of a new year we are sure this will get even better and more women will realize their potential.

Adieu 2014, welcome 2015. A very Happy New Year to all of you!


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