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Karva Chauth Inspirations

As I admired my red sari with new footwear sitting pretty in my cupboard and my hennaed  hands quietly going through the  matching jewellery ,  I put on my thinking cap and went into a pensive mood. As known, the prime motive of the ancient ritual of Karva chauth is to invoke the Gods above to grant a long and healthy life to our dear hubbies but in today’s context, how does a working woman decipher a meaningful meaning out of this religious ceremony. With what new connotation can a mompreneur associate this festival with?

So sitting in front of my laptop ,  I am writing this post , to give my  take on this festival which  I am sure we all can relate with, not only spiritually but at a professional level too.  Going by the title, I define the karam as our work, vocation, occupation or by whatever name you want to describe your business.  And how karwa chauth could be the guiding light in all our ventures and what exactly it teaches, forms the crux of this article. Let me try to explain in simplest of words:

Faith in Oneself

  1.  Faith in oneself:  Many people questions the validity of this old-age ritual in today’s modern times.  They reason as to how keeping oneself hungry ensures the longevity of the other person? Come to think of it logically, I agree that by starving yourself, you cannot ensure a life assurance for your husband    but if you keep the fast with a certain belief, no amount of talks or the arguments on rationality can waver your firm conviction. At the minimum, by observing this fast a woman can exhibit her inner strength.  As keeping this fast requires a strong sense of belief, in the same way, a mompreneur too, if believes that her idea has a potential then nothing can stop in giving shape to her idea.  Some might say that the idea is stupid or you yourself might face hurdles, both financially and physically but if you show your true mettle in adversaries, everything will fall in line eventually.
  2. Commitment and love:   Karvachauth reinforces of idea of loyalty, resolution and love in a relationship. A parallel can be drawn between Karvachauth and your venture since you are truly devoted to both of them.  Just like to make any relationship successful the above mentioned are some of the pre-requisite virtues, similarly when a mompreneur shows great inclination and fondness in her work, there is no way that her business won’t be a success.
  3. Self-discipline: Keeping a fast on karvachauth also exemplifies that for a creative mompreneur an important skill, i.e. – self-discipline is must to make any venture a success. Being self-disciplined means not be lured by any temptations. During this fast, we restrain our self from eating anything till the moonrise, showing our inner strength and healthy mindset. Similarly when a mompreneur is able to differentiate between leisure and work, uses her time judiciously; the goals can be accomplished in no time.Patience
  4. Patience: Personally I feel this is the most important virtue which karvachauth teaches and mompreneurs can apply practically in their life. During this festival women break their fast only after they see moon in the night.  Without complaining, how patiently they wait for the moon to show up so that after doing the customary puja, the fasting can be turned into feasting.  (Just a thought- haven’t we all noticed that on Karvachauth either moon deliberately comes late or isn’t visible clearly behind the clouds.) .  In the similar vein, since a business can’t become a success overnight , a mompreneur has to nurture her venture with lots of patience and perseverance for it to see the light of the day.Indian Women Entrepreneurs - Durga Personified
  5. A great multi-tasker:  During karvachauth the working women go about doing the usual chores of the household ranging from sending kids to school, cooking, shopping and  even going to office; all without eating or drinking anything . This shows that even in adversities (enduring the hunger-pangs can be counted as adversity, right?) they can do a lot in short duration of time. Likewise, the grit of a full-time parent, where she manages both house and her job beautifully, is truly commendable.The Joy of Togetherness
  6. The joy of togetherness:  This is one festival where the true spirit of women comrade is displayed. According to customs, on the evening of karvachauth the women sit in a circle at one place, rotate thalis and sing vrat songs. Everyone, irrespective of whether they are known to each other or not, wish other a happy married life.  Women are naturally good at networking and as I have written in my earlier post, one of the qualities to become a successful mompreneur is to make friends with other mother entrepreneurs. Just like karvachauth which brings women together, similarly through social media and various meets, the relationship mompreneurs build with each other is everlasting. Mothers motivate and learn from each other, rejoice in others success, reach out to them when in need and help promote other mompreneurs in their business.

Though the above given views might force you into some serious thinking, I want to end my post on a lighter note. In today’s time karvachauth has gone beyond the traditional fasting. now it’s more of merry making , holding themed parties  and indulging in fun activities  like couple dance, fashion show, karaoke sessions etc. It is also a time to indulge yourself in shopping.  Husbands buy gifts for their wives and you buy gifts like sarees, jewellery, and make-up for your mother-in-law.  With many shops, malls, websites and spas offering attractive packages and discounts, it’s definitely a ripe time to jiggle your wallet and go on a shopping spree.

Happy Karva Chauth

Happy karva chauth to all lovely ladies!


Notes from the Author:

“Through this blog I have tried to draw a parallel between significance of the religious faith followed in the pious festival of Karvachauth and the mental conviction of a female business owner who actively balance the role of a mom and an entrepreneur.” – Milan


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