Mompreneurs Digest – When Mompreneurs Met in Mumbai


When mompreneurs met in Mumbai

Hello ladies!
We hope the New Year is treating you well and you’ve welcomed it with a fresh zest and zeal to be even more awesome than the previous year.2014 ended on a very inspiring and productive note for the mompreneurs. The participation in the mompreneurs meet was overwhelming. In the last months’ digest -Mompreneurs – The supermoms, the rockstars! , we shared the happenings of & a few excerpts from the Bangalore meet but that was not it. When our mompreneurs come from across the country, how can one meet be enough?

Post the Bangalore meet, the wonderful mompreneurs got together in the city of dreams, Mumbai. The guest of honour, Ms. Sathya Saran spoke about her journey and ways that helped her balance both, family and work effectively. During the wonderful session she suggested that while walking on the entrepreneurial track one must take the family along since they are the people who give you strength to pursue your dream.  And at the end of the day, let only passion drive you, the money will eventually follow.

Also, at the event we had two more key speakers two shared valuable and practical information with the mompreneurs – Shrirang Tambe and Tripti Bhatia Gandhi.

When starting a new venture, one must never neglect the financial aspects. Shrirang Tambe comes with 12 years’ experience in financial services and is a speaker on “Entrepreneur Finance and Venture Capital Funding” joined us to share pointers on the key financial aspects of the business. While the discussions some inspirational case studies came up – Manyavar, Biba and the likes started small but eventually sore and are well known today. The key is to know how to build your brand and present it well.

Tripti Bhatia Gandhi, co- founder of Detales Marketing & Communications shared the PR must do’s for the brand. There are and will be many similar products in the market but what makes one stand out is how you present yourself. The significant takeaway from her session was to be a purple cow & stand out from the crowd!

No matter how you pursue to introduce and showcase your brand, just ensure that you keep the essence of your brand intact.

Like our momprenuer meet’s guest of honour, Ms. Sathya Saran said, let passion and only passion drive you, rest will follow. When you follow your passion you get the fruit J
This brings us to our top mompreneurs section.

Lil Mantra                                         Petite Kiddy Boutique

And we’ve a new entry to the one lakh club..

Baby O Baby

Welcome to the family new mompreneurs! :)


Rutu’s Creations              Nishka Creations            Li’ll Pumpkins



Ginni Distributor              Santana                         Easy Feel Products



HumptyDumpty                  Little Pumpkin              Swaram



Peekaboo                             Amrita Export            Winakki Kids



Sara’s closet                        Precious Lifestyle         Sushama Sanjay Naikdhure


You too can turn your passion into a business. Click here to know how you can become a mompreneur.

 Follow your dreams, stay you! 


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