Mompreneurs Digest – Splish Splash in the Rain!


Most of the country has already experienced the fresh rain showers. This season of splish ‘n’ splash is going to stick around for some time now. So while you stay indoors might as well make the most of it and bring some welcome change to everyday.

For kids, it’s a great time to try hands at crafts, some painting, maybe a movie marathon of animated movies or even some baking.  And of course don’t miss out on making some paper boats to float them out in the waters. While as a grown up, you can work on the interiors of your house to make it monsoon ready. For starters replace the dark ‘keep the sun away’ curtains with some light ones that let you enjoy the weather. Then brighten up the upholstery and make the place fragrant with scented candles or essential oils lamps to keep the moist smell at bay. And finally to feel elated even on a gloomy rainy day, give place to some bright green indoor plants and you’re all set to spend the monsoons brightly!

With the entire fun one must be careful about health as well, especially for kids. Let them play in the dirt and enjoy the weather but make sure they wash hands often and increase the fruit and vegetable intake to strengthen the immunity system.

No matter how you choose to enjoy the rains, make sure to have fun!

Talking of the wonderful season, the best performers too need to be acknowledged. The top performers for the month of May were-
Lil Mantra                             Anmol Wraps                         Baby O Baby


It’s encouraging when more mompreneurs join the team. New mompreneurs on board includes -

Lovely Lady Fashions                          Pitara                                     Pikaboo

Baby’s locker                            Shiva Traders                          Chic Bambino

Global Craft                            Greener Home                          Riya Gupta

Umangi’s workshop

If you create what you like then join the biggest ecosystem of entrepreneur moms and become a mompreneur . Or if you know moms who should be a part of the mompreneur team then suggest them to join.

To know how to become a mompreneur, click here!


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