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MBC puts its best foot forward as a consistent quality provider in online shopping. How is it possible with an online shoppers’ stop where numerous brands are using the site to sell varied products? What is it that gives them a common shot of grit and determination to perform so well? Yes! MBC as a community of mompreneurs headed by its founder Mridula Arora has established itself as a brand in the real world of online business community. How are so many women entrepreneurs able to put their best foot forward to avoid any minor or major damage to MBC?
Mompreneurs or Game Changers of MBC

Well! Given a chance we all wish to put our best foot  forward. Women are naturally gifted with a good PR. The  multifarious persona of a woman is a gift from nature  which she exercises to perfection. Who knows better that  a genuine vibe women that send across makes them naturally qualified to become mums, wives, daughters, politicians or just play any role to perfection? Has anyone done a crash course in motherhood? Has anyone attained a degree or specialization in womanhood? We’ve been playing our roles well. Yes! We’ve done it all just because we are patient, we are steadfast and strong, we embrace change from time to time, we take in criticism with a strength that scares our critics, we are born diplomats and above all we communicate well.  All these qualities make a woman so gifted with PR skills required to do profitable business. Yes! MBC is all about women who are game changers to enter a win-win situation.

How? We at MBC have the ability to do multifarious activities? We are dynamic enough to create an opportunity with an idea. We can make ideas grow into products from scratch? We can think big and make it big at any juncture in life? We don’t mind troubled waters and are able to swim against the tide? Ha! did you say we are naturally empowered. Yes of course we are but more than that we at MBC are unique because we support each other and help to see everyone grow and flourish.

PR Initiation at MBC
MBC was created with an idea and sheer dynamism of its founder who opened the doors of business to one and all. Next, it was nurtured with love of the women who were mums with a difference. They summoned change and attuned fellow women to come forward to realise their dreams. They had their strengths, experiences that enriched the whole atmosphere with their professional qualifications. It was the sheer determination of the leading Lady Mridula Arora that an honest public relations approach was inculcated in the ethos of the organization. Let’s find out the strengths at MBC that develop the perfect PR culture:

Inherent PR Culture
 MBC is inherently conscious about public    relations. It inculcates the attitude of optimism in  entrepreneurship. They are into business and  profit making but with a difference. The difference in approach is building an environment where optimism flourishes between the entrepreneur moms and customer moms. Yes! MBC is a family where relations are nurtured with faith and much needed support of fellow mums. They share ‘stress-stories’ to de-stress the new comer with a confidence that this too shall pass.

Equality in Comrades
MBC is all about women, mums, strength, courage and a great unity in diversity. You will find entrepreneurs and customer moms from different walks of life. If there are engineers, MBAs then you will also find house wives giving professional shape to their varied skills. If cooking and baking is the niche of few then hobbies like knitting and stitching have been converted into fashion statements. The cutest designer collection of baby booties, hair bands, frocks and baby products can be spotted here. You don’t believe me then visit the website to explore the world of products and success stories of the entire community of entrepreneur moms and customer moms.

SWOT Analysis
 MBC is enriched with experiences of sorts of  mums. As mums they are quick to spot strengths  as well as weaknesses. When a weakness peeps  in, the same is engulfed with a solution from a  fellow mum at MBC. Pointers are used to identify  puddles but a protective umbrella in way of a sure shot way-out is offered by another.  Similarly opportunities and threats are also analysed. Join MBC to experience the magic of instant damage control exercises offered not to shield a pothole but to rectify the root cause of the problem.

Transparency in Inter and Intra Business Dealings
Transparency is the most sort after virtue that helps to grow. MBC maintains a group of mompreneurs who are independent to deal with one another and share the common platform of MBC to buy , sell and know each other. They find vendors, financial advice, photographers and all sorts of technical help and marketing tips by being a part of MBC group on whatsapp. A requirement is fulfilled within seconds and any challenge faced by a mompreneur is fixed by another in no time. The founder of MBC is the group head or administrator who gives a personal touch by being there for everybody with her professional expertise. MBC showcases the merits of a joint family system when it comes to the PR culture prevalent here. Everybody shares problems, requirements, losses and gains with each other in the true spirit of transparency. Potholes like poor quality of product or failure to deliver on time are also shared so that the same are rectified at the earliest.

Perseverance and Magnanimity 
MBC was created with sheer determination, hard work and perseverance. Its popularity rose in a year’s time and it became a platform to empower not just the founder but others too. Yes real PR calls for a persevering and magnanimous approach. MBC has successfully created a name for itself and look at the multiple brands that started with online selling of products at MBC and now are able to carve a place for themselves.

MBC Blogs and Success Stories: Marketing to Inspire
Blogs by mompreneurs help to build the brand image of MBC. From business, parenting, pregnancy to bringing up children of all age groups, just think of a topic that you feel is the need of the hour and you will find real life experiences pouring out to touch you in a reassuring way. Success stories of mompreneurs and their journey gives you the needed shot in the arm to dream and make it big. Yes! the platform awaits your skills. Join MBC to forge ahead in life by being a stay at home mom. Get groomed to stay in business and learn what real PR is all about.

Public Relations is not about empty image building exercise with the help of press releases or virtual advertising. An actual PR exercise is a continuous process where performance is appraised and any organisation indulges in a real SWOT analysis to move from strength to strength. MBC is a living example of great PR that is aimed to inspire you to be exclusive and successful.  Mridula believes that “mothers have that special touch which can make any product they design exclusive.” Yes! MBC puts its exclusiveness forward to promote itself in style.

The core of MBC is the network of mompreneurs and we’re happy to add new mompreneurs regularly. New mompreneurs who have joined us recently includes-

The Bright Side                        Meenu Silks                 Pratan Retail Online
Zola Deals                             Saifee Sons                      Araaya Designs

E Smart Deals                          Cherubbaby                     Locks & curls

Renuke Impex                    Little Pockets Store          Solomon Bio Pharma 

Bownbee                            GoCuddle                       Jai International

Knitting Knots                           9 and Beyond

And then there were mompreneurs who managed to became the top performers -

Little Bunnies                       Baby O Baby                         Pikaboo

Every effort should be acknowledged. At MBC we make sure we do that. The super efficient mompreneurs for last month were -

Home Food for Tots                   MySilkSaree                       Original Knit

PinkXenia                   Waah Baby Cloth diapers




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