Mompreneurs Digest – Mommy’s Exam, It shall Pass


It shall pass!

It’s that time of the year when mums get all worked up about the upcoming exams. Especially working mommies take that exam worry to a different level. This not just builds up a strange silent stress in the house, but all aggravates fear in the child’s mind. The work ‘exam’ anyways has a monstrous appeal to it, then why make it more scary for the child. So being a panicky parent is an absolute NO-NO.

Parents, specifically moms try to change the daily household routines to make it more exam conducive, but it usually has an adverse effect. This makes the exam time a much dreaded period.
The coolest way to sail through the exam time with your child is –
Relax! It’s absolutely normal for parents to get worried as kids move towards exams. But the fact is that kids are already very anxious during that time & your worry will only add to it. So keep it cool.
Go out for a walk and take your child too or let him go out to play for a while. Fresh air and some fun, relaxes the brain and it’s needless to say that then a fresh brain will understand better.
Observe and know what’s happening! Keep a vigilant eye on how your child is handling the exam stress. Too much of this stress can affect child’s health – emotionally & physically both.
The calmer you’re about the entire exam scare the better your kids will perform. So mompreneurs, don’t stress, let your kids understand their responsibilities and they’ll manage it on their own.
All the best!

Like we always say that moms are superhumans. They can multitask effectively. So here are some more moms who have joined the mompreneurs league. Welcome!




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Peekaboo cloth diapers

And we also have a few top performer mompreneurs. Congratulations!


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Stay calm & keep creating!


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