Mompreneurs Digest – Mommy Empowerment!!


Mommy Empowerment

Women have this inbuilt knack of multitasking.  Even when they are not multitasking  consciously, they’re still multitasking. You get  the idea right?
So, this talent of multitasking effortlessly is what  we encourage. We want more women to realize  that even while they choose to be a stay at  home mom, they can still become entrepreneurs. The decision to stay at home in this era of technology cannot curb opportunities.

Through we present a platform for women who have the entrepreneurial streak and the desire to create something. Thinking what’s in it for you? Well, everything that can turn your life for the best – opportunities to prove/showcase your talent, financial independence, a good raise to your self-esteem and of course a brand that’d be known as your creation :

Through we empower women at home to widen their horizons and make use of their talent. They deserve to be acknowledged for everything they are. We let you leverage the availability of technology to the fullest and for your benefit in the most comfortable fashion, from your comfort zone, your home! We take care of the technicalities and promotions for you to help you reach your customers.

So if you’ve an idea and execution capabilities then we’ll give you the platform to showcase your talents. Become a proud mom entrepreneur, a mompreneur!

Let’s take a minute to acknowledge the extra efforts of our top performers -

Baby O Baby                          Head to toe                         Easy feel products

And the month saw a heartwarming addition of a number of new mompreneurs. Welcome to the team :)

Home food for tots                    Wsol Fashion                       Nidra Textiles Pvt.Ltd.

Ag Incorporation                               Coconess                                   Eco stuffs

Sumolu Trendz Pvt.Ltd.                     LilPicks                                  Anthara Crafts

Bunting ji                              The Kids Villa                                   Lil Girl

Tied Ribbons                                  HAV                                        Swarupaka

Peachie Cutie Bottoms                Elegante Fashions                   Santusht Ventures

Meghana’s Creations            Rejinald Healthcare Pvt.Ltd.           Happy Imprints

Confettish Innovations

If you’ve passion to create then don’t hold yourself back but go ahead and give it a try. Follow your dream and become a mompreneur!



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