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“A strong woman understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts.” - Nancy Rathburn

Make your passion your business

Not always do you know the way to your dreams but don’t give up. Your dreams know the way, just follow them!
Often it happens in the life of a woman when she compromises her dreams for family, career in these cases suffer the most. It is important to handle your family commitments but do not forget the commitment made to yourself.
If you have the inclination, you can always find a way. There are a thousand things you can start from home. You can begin your entrepreneurial journey from your own comfort zone. Not everybody gets the opportunity to explore their interest areas & talents. We have put together a few ideas for women who want to start their business from home –

  1. Cookie/chocolate baking – If you’ve culinary skills then you can prepare mouth-watering cookies (because they last longer than other baked items), pack them in beautifully & start your own brand of special homemade cookies for special occasions.
  2. Accessories – Are you one of those women who believe that perfect accessories complete your look? If yes, then you can use your sense of styling to create accessories & then off course showcase them and make it a business.
  3. Handmade albums – Preserving memories is something all of us do. If you enjoy art/craft then create exclusive albums that makes revisiting those memories even more fun!
  4. Bags – Oh, what should we say about the love of bags women have. Well, this could be a great opportunity. Women want trendy yet spacious bags that can handle all the necessary stuff. Why not start a business that makes the trendiest, spacious & pocket friendly bags for women.

This is just the beginning of the list. Based on your interest & creativity levels you can make a choice of what you would like to start. This would not only give you creative freedom but also making something out of yourself will give you immense feeling of satisfaction.

Also, if you know women who have the spark then encourage them & make them a mompreneur and you can benefit out of it too! We’ve mentioned about our referral program where every time the new mompreneur makes a sale, the person who referred her will get 25% commission from Mybabycart’s share for 3 months.

To refer somebody go to Mompreneur Registration and add the contact details of the new entrant.

Change the life of another woman for good & reap the benefits of it :)

It is when everybody puts in efforts that we make a successful organization. It is with the association of all you mompreneurs that is a know platform now.

A very warm & hearty welcome to all the new mompreneurs :)


Cutie Pie                          Mom’s Girl               Me & Mommy


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Sheetal Distributors           Mini Kingdom                       Baize creations


Creative bird India  Megha Design Studio  Nina Jhaveri            Appimasi

The top-performers for the previous month are –

Keep up the wonderful work ladies!And yes, remember introducing a new mom to the network will let you enjoy a strong team & monetary benefits too. So bring it on! :)


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