Mompreneurs Digest – Being a mompreneur is Awesomeness


‘You must focus on your family, the work comes later’.  An absolutely clichéd statement!

A woman often faces the dilemma of whether to give up on all her dreams for the sake of her family or should she follow her desire to maintain her individuality. This is where the awesome momprenuers steal the show by efficiently managing the family and their business. A perfect balance is the key. We understand it’s not easy to be a woman entrepreneur, and the pressure increases more when you’re a mom on an entrepreneurial journey. This is why we make sure we encourage women you took a stand for themselves and chose to become a MOMpreneur.
Keeping this thought in mind, we started our new campaign, the #MompreneurStory. This is not just for the lovely moms in the mybabycart family, but for any woman who chose to be different; who decided to followed her interests and become an entrepreneur. We invite such women to share the story of their journey because such efforts need to be acknowledged. If you know women who started their own venture then help us reach them. All one needs to do is share the story of your journey with us at [email protected]. Get the campaign details here.
To celebrate the accomplishment of our existing mompreneurs and to increase the scope of learning for all of us was the reason behind the Mompreneur Meet IV. At this meet last month, our guest speaker Subha Ganesh spoke about various essential financial aspects. The highlight discussion was about working capital management. Also, how important it is to have policies in place to ensure a smooth cash flow, which should also keep into consideration the raw material purchase, paying the vendors, getting money from the customer.

On this note, we’d want to mention our performers for April.

  Baby O Baby                      Lil Mantra               Anmol Wraps

It’s always a pleasure to see the team growing, The new entrants to the mybabycart mompreneurs team are

Jaipuriyo                        Art Factory                Cutiepie Collections

Uday Industries              Leaf Designs             Kavitha’s Workshoppe


If you create what you like then join the biggest ecosystem of entrepreneur moms and become a mompreneur .  To know how to become a mompreneur, click here!

Anytime is a good time to chase your dreams :)
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