Mompreneur Digest – September 2014 Edition


You have the power!


“I wanted to be an independent woman, a woman who could pay for her bills, a woman who could run her own life – and I became that woman.” ~ Diane von Furstenberg

To be able to take your own responsibility & manage your own expenses gives any woman a sense of confidence. Being self-sufficient, not out of mandate but out of your wish makes you an achiever. Women are more patient, more observant & definitely better multi-tasker which makes them wonderful professionals. Irrespective of the task women take up – a homemaker or a working woman, she ensures she performs the best.

A woman is dynamic in the many roles she plays & at many times she also manages to give other women an opportunity to become independent. All thanks to woman empowerment, women are now able to express their opinions more openly which has contributed towards improving the condition of the society. Though it is in a very nascent stage but eventually this will be for the overall good.

With the economic condition of the country ascending, women too have a major contribution towards it.  It is a fact that women are becoming a strong force in the urban India. Mompreneurs like you all are perfect examples of empowered urban women. Inspire & encourage women you know to stand up for themselves & feel like an achiever :)



Our momprenurs work hard to ensure they are doing the best. Majority of the collection on our website have been created by the lovely & very creative mompreneurs. The Top Performer Mompreneurs for August month are  (in no particular Order!)


Soul Sling By Chinmaiye Bhat

Anmol Wraps By Rashmee

Baby O Baby By Juhi


Goodness increases when shared. We don’t stop, we keeping associating with more working women/moms to make them our mompreneurs and keep looking for more. The New Mompreneurs on board now are-


Acute Angle By Parul & Aanchal

Acute Angle By Parul & Aanchal

Banz By Kanupriya

Banz By Kanupriya


Brown Bows By Vidhi

Brown Bows By Vidhi

Petite Boutique By Vani & Deepa

Petite Boutique By Vani & Deepa

Online Cloth Diapers By Sreedevi

Online Cloth Diapers By Sreedevi

Little Cuddle

Little Cuddle By Suruchi




Ruffin's By Rufaida

Ruffin’s By Rufaida

Lil Mantra By Komal

Lil Mantra By Komal


A mompreneur story

Chinmaiye Bhat, founder of ‘Soul’ sling tells us how her brand came into existence. 

Every parent knows the challenges we face as parents. We also know the incredible joy and satisfaction that our children can bring us. As parents, we are always finding new ways to love our children more than before. Babywearing came to me as a way to bond with my children and form strong, attached and secure relationships with them. Babywearing later became essential to my life as having an older child at home all the time, I had to figure out a way to care for my baby and be on my feet at the same time.

The first time I wore my son was when he was barely a few days old. I fell in love with my sling instantly. Even when he was awake, it only felt right to keep him warm and close to me. I couldn’t imagine my life without my ring sling. I never stepped out of the house without it. I remembered my life when my daughter was a newborn and realized that with a good ring slings those days could have been a lot less stressful for both of us. I felt that every parent should have a ring sling.

That’s when I decided to start ‘Soul’. I knew I could make a difference in every parent’s life by introducing him/her to baby wearing. It was time India had a Ring Sling brand, which was locally made, well-constructed, affordable and elegant. So I decided to do it myself. 5 months later, here I am!

‘Soul’ is the first company of its kind in India that provides eco-friendly, affordable and elegant ring slings that are fine tuned to compliment the Indian climate. Our ring slings enable every member of the family to bond with the baby. They also help us as parents to form a deep, lifelong connection with our children, and mould them into independent, sensitive and inquisitive people.

Babywearing and attachment parenting became the lifestyle that my family chose. It is a well-known fact that babies that are carried and have adequate skin-to-skin contact cry 50% less than babies who aren’t. Babies that are carried develop more trust and security with their caregivers, and may even become independent at an earlier age.
Carried babies also show increased “quiet alertness” times which promotes cognitive development as babies are exposed to more experiences. As a result, carried babies score higher on mental and motor development tests, speak earlier, and have more advanced speech.

Close proximity and bonding also helps reduce stranger anxiety and separation anxiety in infants. Close attachment has been known to build secure, independent, and trusting children who develop healthy, long lasting relationships.

Carrying my children, surrounding them with our parental heartbeat, the sway of our movement, as well as the comforting sway of the sling worked together to sooth them. Skin-to-skin contact with my children helped them develop trust and sense of security. We spent most of our time bonding and loving each other. We learned to listen to one another and grew together.

This lifestyle was my motivation to launch ‘Soul’. I wanted to share my parenting experiences and the joys of attachment parenting with other parents. ‘Soul’ was my initiative to help parents bond and grow with their children, and make families happier and healthier!

My children, my family, babywearing and attachment parenting changed my life. I hope it does for you too.

Log on to Soul Sling Website to know more about ring slings or buy one.Or visit their Facebook page

We feel proud to have so many mompreneurs on board, women who control their own lives with confidence and their own terms :)

You all are achievers! :)


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