MBC Mompreneur Digest – Aug 2014 Edition


The mompreneur benefit!

“The most beautiful necklace a mother can wear is not gold or gems, but her child’s arms around her neck.”

August started with the WHO’s breastfeeding week. To promote this healthy cause, we too observed this on our social media profiles, where we spoke about how a healthy mother ensures that the baby & the entire family stays healthy. At this point we also promoted our maternity & breastfeeding products.
With our base growing on Facebook, the opportunity to reach more people has also increased. We’d like to encourage our wonderful mompreneurs also to utilize this digital opportunity to the fullest. We consistently strive to ensure every mompreneurs’ creations get highlighted & noticed, but the impact would be many folds if you too support us.
Getting social will now not only give you visibility online but also fetch you monetary benefits. Promote mybabycart.com/Yourproducts on your brand page and if a product is sold through this process then your service charge (commission) will be reduced by 20% for that particular order. Follow the following steps to get a clear understanding of how to go about it-

  1. Copy the link of your products from mybabycart.com website
  2. Click on http://bit.ly/1tSqDrg (URL builder)
  3. Fill in the details in the columns with ‘ * ’

4. Please ensure all the mandatory details have been added in the form. After you submit you’ll get a link that looks like the one below-

(Some links can be much longer than this)

5. Once you get the link from the URL builder, copy it.
6. Then visit https://bitly.com/
7. Paste your link (one you got from URL builder) in the ‘paste a long URL here to shorten’ column. Post this you’ll get your short link.
8. Click on the ‘copy Bitlink’ button and paste it on your brand page to share it.This link will help us track the leads & conversions we receive through your efforts.

And we’re done!

This might look like a long winding process, but at the end of it this will add to your savings :)

It is with the contribution of our mompreneurs that we have a collection of unique products.Your efforts keeping adding new & functional products to mybabycart.com.

Here are our top performer mompreneurs for July. They have successfully entered the 50k club. Congratulations!

Soul Sling by Chinmaiye Bhat                   Baby O Baby by Juhi Gupta

With these mompreneurs we have another top performer mompreneur who nearly touched the 50k mark. Sakshi, founder of Princess Cart. Way to go!

And we have more top performers in the making. A very warm welcome to all these new mompreneurs :)

Vanessa Gonsalves               Vani & Ruchi 


Pooja & Sampada                      Zeeniya 

Neha Charlesworth                   Vijaya Naidu

Malavika                            Babita & Vidhi

Srivani                                          Jaya

Kalpana Goenka


With the constant support of the mompreneurs we’re glad to inform you that mybabycart.com is becoming a popular platform to get interesting & functional products. Thank you to all of you!

To wrap up we’d like to remind you to not forget about the mompreneur benefit you get with the reference program we mentioned in the beginning of the digest.

Keep contributing, stay social!


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