Parenting : Mommy! Mommy! I am Toddy the Explorer!



Toddy the little toddler is moving around and looks very much like an explorer. At around 10 months of age, she has a lot of attitude and style. You must have noticed that toddlers love to carry some baggage … Oh! With little or no interest in clothes, what they usually carry with them is ‘some good company.’ Yep! It can be a small drab looking doll who has neither combed nor changed for ages or it can be the battered truck or bus that somehow manages to keep pace with may be just two wheels or none at all. Oh! The entire scenario is so entertaining. It’s like watching a 3D movie with sounds, noises and sudden shake ups.

Toddy gets up early in the morning with an IDEA that would change her life. Ha! Ha! ha! Yes! Mommy it is your chance to kneel down to hide and watch what the little one does when she begins to stretch in sleep, rubs her eyes with her little fists and opens them to smile at life. She gets up…Ah! Bright like the shining sun! Looks around constantly but mommy! Just stay where you are. Then with the speed of light Toddy sits up, slides one leg off the bed …looks down gingerly to see whether the landing would be safe and manages to be on the floor. Ah! Mommy just be quiet as you witness your baby’s progress. She stands with support … widens her eyes …still holding the edge…frees one hand …carefully sits on the floor … leaves the bed …  gives a shrill cry to announce her victory.

Now Mommy! Just spring up from your hiding place with a peekaboo sound to  hug the little one ….Oh! I think it’s time to take a selfie… click! click! Yes! The day has to begin with warmth, hugs, pecks and a cuddle.

Toddy wriggles down from your lap and lifts her little hand and mouths …”bye” and is on her way to explore the wonderland. She loves to stop anywhere as there are no traffic jams and spots things that tinkle, objects that produce a loud ‘clang’ and quiet – cushiony stuff are felt with a smile. Mother Nature has programmed the baby well. But the bang is the favourite of all… every object goes bang! bang! Ah! The house looks like it is visited by a hurricane that blows away bed spreads, reaches out to pull down wall hangings, snoops to bring out lost property ..Yes! pens, clips, books, that had fallen to hide till the next seasonal clean up …just everything sees the light of the day.

Parenting Tip: bathrooms and kitchens are the danger zones yet favourite spots with toddlers. It’s time to be on high alert all the time. So rest when the baby sleeps, eat well, keep your corners clean, remove all rodent repellents away and if you are working then try to get help from home. Yes! Grandparents, relatives or some neighbours can also help out along with the regular baby-sitter. Your little one has set to explore to grow and learn…let’s make the journey safe, pleasurable and stress free.


This is the time when Toddy babbles incessantly …yep! Mommy you found someone to chat with. On a serious note be talkative so that your baby learns to communicate.  This is an interesting time when you are entertained by a little clown. Feeding and bathing are the best time to introduce words, expressions and understand the words coined by Toddy. Hug frequently, kiss, be extremely patient and don’t ‘give-in’ to all demands. This is the time when the child must listen to ‘no’ and understand that ‘no’ means ‘no.’

Yes! Giving in is akin to pampering and both mean bad when stretched beyond a certain limit. A 10 month old toddler can put you in a spin with temper tantrums especially when she rumbles and roars for gadgets like your expensive i phone, laptop etc. Distract the baby, allow her to cry for a while, be compassionate throughout and remember you are grooming a future citizen of society. Yes! Pampered ones learn to snatch, bully, fight and control but only till the time they don’t come face to face with a bigger clone.

My daughter would show her impatience and immense frustration towards her doll… here I would kiss the doll and tell my baby to ‘Be Kind.’ In some time …my angel learned to be kind. It’s like a battle of wits and it is you who has to emerge stronger. Strength here denotes mental strength and not physical power at any point of time.

Parenting Tip: We lose control to slap, push or give a shake up to the toddler who is perhaps just 10 months or an year old. Arm yourself with patience so that you don’t become over powering. Don’t send vibes that will get ingrained in her little psyche to grow with her in times to come. Beware! Your little one is watching you, observing you to become a lot like you.


Here let us divert Toddy’s energy levels with the help of picture books. Don’t give her a book. Just leave it in her favourite spot. Let life be a treasure hunt for a few months. My little one was fond of birdies and utterflies (butterflies)!! I kept the book of butterflies and other insects on her way to the kitchen. Soon I realized the fact that the moment we introduce them with new objects, they look away with disinterest as they wish to satisfy their natural urge to explore …so I started to keep things en-route her favourite destinations. The trick worked! This opened the world of books for her. Oh! She hugged them, tried to put them in her little pockets and we got her a bag. She was delighted. But I did not introduce her to the insects or birds lest she would again turn away. So I waited for her to turn up. I noticed she would turn the pages, talk to them, touch them lovingly and be delighted with the colours and beautiful forms. Yes! Then one day she put it in my lap and said, “Mommy See”… and I sat with her for a long time. It was fun … If the crow was ‘Caw’ then the parrot was ‘aatot’ and mynah was ‘eeya’ and together we chirped …Choo Choo…Choo Choo.  My little one would stand holding me and peep into the world of birds. Next her dad brought a ‘Button Sound Book’ that had a soft feathery duck on the cover with a push button. Oh! The Book quacked all day long till it had nothing to quack about.

If you are patient with your nine or ten month old toddler then you have conquered their little world to groom them well. Now I created a toy room and a small book corner in the same colourful space. I also realized that children want to be with some one … they want company. They don’t stay even in the most colourful of rooms all by themselves but they are happier with mom or their nanny even in the warm and humid kitchen. So to develop great habits just be with the child. I would sit with birdie books with my little monkey gaping like a seasoned bird watcher making sounds and chirping all along. Life became very enjoyable as weekends meant taking her to the nearby park in the morning. She squinted to get a glimpse of birds and turned her head here , there and everywhere to clap in delight. She befriended the squirrel, the rabbits and the beautiful geese in the pond. Yes! Toddy experienced nature at its best.


We would carry a small basket for breakfast and she ate whatever was offered without any fuss. This gave me an opportunity to introduce new fruits, healthy snacks and different breakfast items. Oh! She just loved to be with us and nature. She would pull her Dad on the grass, make him lie down and rest his head on her lap. Awe! It was a treat to watch her say innumerable things to him, then at some point she would go off to sleep. Unknowingly but definitely my darling baby learned to relax.


Mommy Mommy! I am Toddy the explorer,

I do great jobs to become a high scorer

I can call the birdie and catch the utterfly(butterfly)

They come and live in my books, from the sky

Daddy! Put me on your shoulders as we go ‘to park … to park’

Where Caw, Squirrel, birdies and geese show their spark!!

Love you mommy, love you daddy!!

I love you too, my beloved readers…see you soon with another Toddy Tale … till then enjoy life with the little monkey in your arms. Happy Parenting!!


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